This project has already launched.

Kaya is in her 30's and married to a Swedish Jazz Musician. “Kaya” is beautiful, exotic, creative artsy and intelligent- she stands out in a crowd, to Justin, at least!

Justin is a 30 ish good looking successful businessman;  happily married with two wonderful kids and a beautiful wife.

He has it all!  Except Kaya,  his High School Sweetheart  and he can’t get her off his mind.

This character-driven story explores this basic human quest to "see," the alternatives in our lives- routes not traveled.

Justin is obsessed, Kaya is unknowable and Justin need to know!

Kaya and Justin come to see more- through a fast paced and wacky story the consequences of their actions on themselves and others.

"Everyman has a “Kaya,” somewhere in his past and everywoman to one degree or another is “Kaya” to someone."

Risks and challenges

Assuming the project meets it goal on KickStarter the Film will be made, that's 100%

I will personally invest at least $50,000 in the production, which will be a non union Indie Production.

We will seek other funding as needed. As I am located in Hollywood, others have already indicated they will assist with production from a technical prospective.

The risk is that the film will be made and it will have no traction and not return.

However, there is no risk that it will no be a high quality and compelling production.

We will work it till it is a great and powerful movie and obtain great talent, there will be no compromise.

Quality actors who want to work their chops have already expressed an interest. In addition quality talent in the production area were willing to work at reduced pricing.

As most of the film is located in Los Angeles, and it is character driven without need for Special Effects or elaborate locations the cost of production will be very reasonable.

The end of the film is in Jamaica,so unless another location is used that will be the most costly portion, but can be done with a small crew and local actors. If some necessary funding is needed for that portion we willl arrange it as that in an integral potion of the film.

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