Katie's First Full Length Album!
Katie's First Full Length Album!

This project has already launched.

Hi! My name is Katie Garringer. I am a singer/songwriter based out of New York City, and originally from Muncie, Indiana.  I am making my first full length album! I am also living the consummate artist's dream of being a "starving artist living in NYC", so, I need financial backing to make this album a reality.  $9,000, to be exact.

I started writing songs shortly after I completed my master's degree in Oboe Performance, in the spring of 2014.  I had grown some serious performance anxiety throughout my time in school, and was ready to quit music altogether. I started writing songs as a coping mechanism for the performance anxiety, and I realized something miraculous was starting to happen. Through writing words, feelings, and stories down and singing them out, I started to experience some healing. 

The songs on this album encompass a two year period of time in which I experienced much change, both inward and outward. The songs can be grouped into three sections, all surrounding my move to New York: the dream, the waiting, and the realization. My sincerest hope is that you, the listener, might be able to relate to the songs and experience a connection with the music, allowing the heartache and healing I've experienced to help bind up whatever painful experiences you might be going through. 


$2,450- Cost of 7 days of studio time with Recording Engineer (Nicholas Rapley, a friend from college, and a swell guy, all around)

$1,500- Cost of Mastering for 10 songs (approx. $150/song)

$2,150- Cost of the hard copy pressing, packaging, and distributing. This also includes the purchase of 500 download cards, 5 commemorative plaques to be given to close friends and relatives, and 100 color posters of the album artwork, to be distributed at future shows

$1,100- Cost of Production for TWO new music videos, with songs from the album. 

$1,800- Album Musicians' pay, website procural, Kickstarter fees, and postage costs

THANK YOU, for reading this far, but for also visiting my project page. I hope to hear from you soon.  

Risks and challenges

One challenge I face with this project is that SO MANY PEOPLE are running or have recently run Kickstarters for their albums. I know my request is not unique, but my product is.

Another challenge I face is that a lot of people in my circle are financially challenged artists, like myself. That's why I've made the majority of the rewards under $100. I want my project to be accessible to everyone in my network. This also means that I need a LOT of backers. I'm willing to take that risk.

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