Kannoli Kraze puts a real twist on Cannoli
Kannoli Kraze puts a real twist on Cannoli

This project has already launched.

We're looking to raise funds for advertising and marketing to create more market awareness.  Money will be used for things like social media adds, local radio, promotional items etc.  This spring we'll also be putting some money into a new Kannoli Kraze truck used for private parties, weddings, Corp events, street fairs etc.  We've purchased the truck already but it needs to be built out.  We need to add serving window, electric, plumbing, refrigeration and image wraps.   We already have one trailer thats been operating for 4 years.   

This company started in late 2013 as a food truck to earn some extra cash.  We were looking to do something different so we created this unique concept based around the famous pastry "Cannoli".  It started off as a hobby doing fairs, festivals but soon became a business.  We were creating ideas and concepts to refine our brand to make it more than a hobby.  After a few years of validating the proof of concept we opened our first brick and mortar store in Massapequa NY in March 2017.  We not only believe we have a great product, we believe we have a great concept and scalable business model.  We're passionate about seeing people smile from our gourmet cannoli creations. We believe If Aunt Annie's did it with the Pretzel, Cinnabun did it with the Cinnabun, Baked by Melissa did it with the cupcake. We know we can do it with the Cannoli.

"Home of the Sweet and Savory Cannoli."  We're a one stop shop for gourmet, creative cannoli in all kinds of crusted shells, flavored cannoli creams, dessert drinks and other fun cannoli creations.   We make everything fresh to order.   We also do parties with our table and truck set ups.  Our cannoli designers will come to your home, business or venue and fill/design our cannoli onsite for your guests.  It's fun and entertaining.   For the last 4 years or so we've been know as the "Kannoli Kings".  Just recently we've changed the name to "Kannoli Kraze"  We feel the name change is great and better suited for long term, scalable growth.   

Over the years we've been featured in many articles, local tv, and blogs.  You can visit the "News" tab on our website to see more www.kannolikings.com or Facebook/kannolikings to see what others are saying.  Just through word of mouth we've been hired by major companies like Cablevision, NBA, Dunn and Brad Street, Apple, Nature's Bounty, Adelphi University and more...  We are asking for your help and support so that we can advertise and grow our presence in the market.  We're a local brand that has national capabilities but we need your help to grow.    Thanks for the help and support.  Many blessings..

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