k5-jkt. by kiger
k5-jkt. by kiger

The k5-jkt. by kiger is an essential jacket that all urban rebels andtech geeks need in their hectic urban jungle.

A utilitarian sweatshirt hoodie that will hold all sizedsmart phones, an iPad-mini and a Velcro tab that will keep the headphone wires in place, as well as tangle free.


Fashion designer Kiger Hansen designed an essential jacket that has a need in the market. A solution for everyone where a great organized utilitarian pockets that stores mobile devices and keeps the headphone wires in place and tangle free. The Kickstarter campaign will also raise capitol to launch a women's and men's luxury sportswear brand, kiger.

please be advised, the kickstarter links in the reviews and article are old, as I will be relaunching kickstarter. 

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  The idea:

“ I always saw guys on the subway platforms awkwardly dealing with tangled headphone wires and the storage of their smartphones. I personally had the same problem. It’s a jacket, every guy needs in the city".

The inspiration started from an essential sweatshirt hoodie that everyone has in their closet. Uniting it with the ubiquitous, men’s fashion jacket, a vintage military M-65 field jacket. 

The Velcro idea, I was inspired by a vintage fisherman's vest. Some vests has a square sheep fur to hold fishing lures. The placement, where there is a embroidered identification canvas tape on vintage military and air force jackets.

A hoodie with military pockets that will store all size smartphones and easy access to a headphone is a solution to a busy guy in a metropolis.



k5 imperative details:

1. velcro.

A tab stitched with a 100% rayon twill braid with a handle that will hold the headphone wires in place and tangle free . At the fold of the braid it will secure the headphone wire from the grommet and will give mobility as well as hold it in place at velcro.

2. metal grommet.

A passage for the headphone wire from the pocket flap, that will fit all headphone wire plugs. There are two grommets, one on the chest pocket and also another on the lower waist pocket for bigger smartphones.

 3. utilitarian pockets.

All pockets are made from a woven fabric that is similar to an military canvas fabric. The chest and both waist flap pockets are constructed like an envelope. Bottom hem of the pockets are not stitched to the body of the jacket. It is open for comfortability and easy access to the smart phones. Pockets are stitched down at both sides to the body of the jacket.

4. iPad-mini pocket.

Inside the wearer’s left side is a pocket that will fit a iPad-mini. 


5. double zipper.

 At center front a YKK double zipper with exposed zip tape, that opens and closes in opposite directions for the wearer’s comfort.


additional features:

left wearers bicep patch pocket.

A patch pocket on wearer's left bicep sleeve for small incidentals.


deep side pockets.

The side pockets are deep enough that you can fit up to your mid forearm.



high standard qualities:

100% cotton, sweatshirt fleece.

100% cotton, woven light weight canvas for chest pocket, both sides of welt pockets opening, bicep pocket on left sleeve, inside wearer's left side Mini-Ipad pocket and two waist pockets.

100% cotton jersey, for both side pockets lining, front body panel lining on both left and right inside of the jacket.

100% rayon twill braid.

100% polyester velcro.

100% cotton drawstring for hoodie.

2 black metal grommets.

4 black melamine (same material as army issue, it is stronger than polyester and flame retardent) military style buttons.

1 YKK black/ silver metal, double zipper.


machine washable

 mike is wearing size Large.

 nikki is wearing size small. 




color availability: 

 venice navy


 knight black.


 Jacket sizes available s-xxL


cost of the jacket.

The price of the jacket on the Kickstarter Campaign, first 100 pledges will be at $125. and regular pledges will be at $150.

k5-jkt. is constructed with high quality materials from fabric to the special melamine buttons. The construction from envelope style pockets to the lining of the jacket makes it very expensive to make.




With the successful funding, Hansen will be able to produce and ship the jackets. The rest of the portion, is the seed capital to launch a luxury women's and men's brand, kiger.


Kiger Hansen has written a business plan for prospective investors and after discussing with various industry professionals, they have all advised him that he needs to initially launch the line on his own to gain brand awareness and to influence prospective business partners and investors.


With Hansen's versatile design talent from designing denim sportswear to ready-to-wear collections for both women's and men's, he is ready to branch out his my own.


Click on www.kiger.nyc to get additional detailed background on kiger hansen's fashion design background and experiences.


kiger hansen biography:

Kiger Hansen was born in Busan, Korea and was raised in Junction City, Kansas. He went to Los Angeles, California to study fashion design at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and graduated, summa cum laude.

There are not many designers, especially well known designers, which have the talent to design both women’s and men’s, even though they have both gender specific divisions in their company. They have to rely on other designers and stylists to support them.

Hansen's most notable accomplishments are launching new collections for well known designers and corporate companies.

The brands he has launched while working on the company's main brand:

Guess Jeans, women's and men's designer, launched: guess boys.

Kiger Denim

DKNY Pure men's wear

Club Monaco, men's design director, launched men's underwear line.

John Varvatos, senior men's designer, launched women's ready-to- wear collection.

Nordstrom - Halogen men's line and Valette women's collection.

The brands Hansen conceptualized in his career have all had successful launches.

Aside from launching brands for large companies, Hansen has hands on experience in successfully launching his own line of jeans wear. He utilized his connections from working at Guess Jeans and his own funds to launch this collection. The line was carried by the most exclusive retailers known for carrying diverse and important jeans companies at the time, Ron Herman Fred Segal on Melrose in Los Angeles and Antique Boutique in New York.


                 video and photo credits:

produced, directed and styled by......... kiger hansen


skateboarder..........................................mike dworak 

model ......................................................nikki player

videographer..........................................chris engdahl


video editor.............................................joe mordecai


product photographer.............................noah fecks





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