JVL Bracelet - First Ever Customizable Anchor Bracelet
JVL Bracelet - First Ever Customizable Anchor Bracelet

This project has already launched.

Introducing The World's First Customizable Anchor Bracelet 

As avid bracelet users our team sought out to create something unique. Our passion for accessories led us to create a product that could potentially disrupt an industry. Never before have it been this easy to match a stylish accessory with ANY outfit. We got frustrated having to buy dozen of bracelets and would still struggle to match our unique styles - it's both expensive and inconvenient. We have spent the past year working with leading manufacturers to come up with an affordable, stylish and functional bracelet that we believe would suit anyone. Men, women and kids 4+ (just switch to a bigger size band as they grow.)

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1622939158/jvl-bracelet-first-ever-customizable-anchor-bracel

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