Juxtaposition - Hard enamel pin series
Juxtaposition - Hard enamel pin series

This project has already launched.

Hello! Firstly, thank you so much for visiting my Kickstarter fund! I'm Olivia, I am a freelance illustrator based in the United Kingdom who dreams of creating a successful online store selling unique products. I am on a lot of social media, I would love it if you could check out my work! these are all on my Kickstarter profile.

The important part! For 100 pins of each design, totalling 300 all together, this will be £600; this amount is including the butterfly clutch and backing cards. For the type of packaging I want to use to ship the pins, these are £20. I would like to have a safety blanket of £200 in case of possible issues that could come up, this will cover the costs of extra fees that could take me by surprise. Any extra funds from this safety blanket will immediately go towards new future projects or restocking pins from this set. Finally, Kickstarter has fees between 7% and 10% of the final amount funded, it is likely the safety blanket will come into play here too, but I will round it up with £180.

Pins will be shipped via Royal Mail through Signed First Class mail from the UK. Pins are sent in a small padded envelope and can be shipped worldwide. International orders will be £10 on top of your pledge as I will be using tracked and signed shipping for yours and my peace of mind!

Total: £1000

FOX WIZARD - 30mm silver plated hard enamel pin

MODERN NATURE - 30mm gold plated hard enamel pin

SKY SHARK - 30mm gold plated hard enamel pin

£1100 - 300 5x5cm stickers of each design (100 each) will be made and included with every order.

£1400 - Production of 100 3 inch Metallic keyrings of each design. 33-34 of each design and sold on my online store. This is including the packaging needed to send.

£1500- Full colour circular coasters with each design featured at 33-34 units each, adding up to 101 in total. These will be sold as a pack of three! Including packaging needed to send.

£1800 - Full colour mugs of each of the designs with 33-34 each, adding up to 100 in total. This is including the packaging needed to send.

£2050 - A new secret pin design! 100 will be made, Also including packaging.

£2200 - a cheeky extra goal! 700 of each stickers, business cards and compliment slips for branding of my shop to include in orders for a more personal and unique experience. If we even reach this far I am super SUPER grateful!

More stretch goals will possibly be added if we reach these. Also, once stretch goals are met, more pledges will be added for specific products for ease of use.

- Pins can take up to 6 weeks to manufacture, usually these are done within 4 weeks, but we need to allow for possible broken pins, the order getting lost in the mail causing a delay on shipping, packaging being inadequate for shipping, etc.

- 30mm is an approximate sizing for each pin, give or take a few millimetres.

- All left over pins will be sold on my online store.

- Depending on how the proofs go with the manufacturer, it is possible that the designs could very slightly change, but I have made enamel pins in the past without any issues so this will highly likely be the case!

- I will be getting all products manufactured in the United Kingdom.

- ALL leftover funds, if any, will go into making more products in the future.
The manufacturer’s I will be using are highly rated by other independent artists and has also got a trustworthy review of past orders from myself.

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