This project has already launched.

This is the first communication service for subway. Connect to Wi-Fi, open the app and get info about people sitting near you!
This is the only service that let you chat with people using the same network (in Moscow metro it is more than 7 million people per day).

Who would you like to talk to today? This charming girl in front of you or that funny guy, who's in the next metro car?
You can talk to both in the Public chat!
Kiyevskaya station is closed? Thank God you've read about that in the app and planned a new route.

Just EASY.
Login in the app by using your social accounts from Facebook or Twitter. You may also register for an anonymous communication.

Just FREE.
Send messages to friends or new people for free.
Check profiles of those who's interesting to you and chat with them in real life.

Download the app now, open it in metro and enjoy a truly fun trip!
Wi-Fi chat is wherever you are with Just!

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