Just Deserts: Military Themed Dating Sim
Just Deserts: Military Themed Dating Sim

Initial Goal: $2,000

Hi, this is Vifth Floor team ^^
We’re planning to create our very first kickstarter campaign soon. You might want to take a look at our kickstarter draft before we start out. Some contents are subject to change. Please support us and feel free to give us some suggestions/corrections in the comment section below. Your help would be greatly appreciated. 

Just Deserts has been Greenlit! :)

It's all about lovely military girls doing lovely things in desert.

What is Just Deserts?

Have you ever wondered if you can have 30 days in the middle of desert, spending days and nights together with 5 lovely girls? And suddenly, you need to be those girls' hero by fighting some horrible aliens trying to make the world burn? We would like to make those ridiculous ideas into a reality through this game.

Just Deserts is just a dating sim game with military setting, lovely girls and some random aliens. The main game mechanics will be around relationship and stats management with visual novel style of storytelling. It will be available on Steam (PC, Mac, Linux) and also mobile platforms (Android and iOS).

You can check our website and our Facebook fan page for more info.

What's the difference with the other dating sim game?

  • No hentai - It may sounds counter productive for some people, but we want Just Deserts to be accepted by broader audience. Don't worry, it will still contains ecchi materials. You just won't find sex scene and nudity.
  • High quality anime style visuals - Each made by Indonesian talented illustrators with attention to details for your viewing pleasure.
  • Beautiful music - We want the music to equilibrate the illustration, so we asked the best composer we can find for this project. Here are some samples of BGM in Just Deserts by Ecky from Vesuvia Circle:

  • More facial expressions, more features, more costume choices
  • Dynamic interaction - Heroine's reaction varies depending on what we do with them, what item is being given, her health status, and player's relationship with her. And yes, each heroine has different nature and preference. It's quite complex, thus become one of the appealing aspects of this game.

  • Multi-language - Just Deserts will be in 3 languages (English, Japanese and Indonesian). In the future, we will add more if the request for a language is high enough.
  • Achievements and Trading Cards (Steam)
  • Military theme, of course

Some mysterious creatures suddenly appeared and annihilated a military base camp in Quentine City. There's no survivor who can tell what it is, but some say that it's a group of dreadful aliens. You will play the protagonist (with your own name), which is one of the most skilled personnel gathered by military alliance to protect Aquarine City, Quentine's neighboring city from the next wave of alien attack.

Fortunately, you are assigned to work with 5 lovely girls with different expertise, and you even need to share the same room with them! How lucky is that? This is your rare chance to get a lover, as you will go back to your original base with not even 1 girl to work with when your time here is over. You can do many activities with the girls to build a better relationship; give some gifts, swim together, have a date, and many more! Unfortunately, those aliens may attack anytime and disturb your happy romantic relationship. Moreover, you need to train your skill again despite being a skilled soldier, and you need to buy your weapons using your own money! Absurd, but that's your destiny.

You have 30 days to spend at your new base camp, and you can choose your own actions every day.

- Build romantic relationship with the girls
- Raise your stats by training
   + Shooting training
   + Swimming
   + Physical Exercise

- Do different kinds of activities with the girls or by yourself
   + All training above
   + Eating out
   + Sleeping/Napping
   + Etc.

Restaurant background, where you can eat with the girls

- Talk and give variety of items to the girls
- Have a date with the girls
- Change the girl's costume
- Open the map and move to different places

There are 2 areas; Camp and City

- Buy and sell items, including gift, food and weapon
- Fight the aliens to protect the city and the girls
- 7 different routes, depending on your status and choice



We believe that kickstarter is the best place to showcase our work to the people who will support new player in the industry. We also think that it will be great if we can kickstart our business with the help of the community, rather than just ask 1 big investor to invest in our business, because we need the community to grow and improve ourselves to produce better games in the future.

Yes, we plan to have many greater projects in the future, collaborating with many undiscovered talents in creative industry. Unfortunately, creative industry in our country has not really developed yet, so most of the creative workers (such as illustrator and animator) choose to make something just as a hobby. If our kickstarter campaign is a success, it will bring confidence for our current team members and also for our future partners as well to bring you more amazing products.

$5 Just Deserts Steam Key

You will get 1 steam key (PC, Mac or Linux) for Just Deserts when the game has been released. Thanks for your trust on our project!

$15 Complete DLC Costume Set

In a war with aliens? No problem, style comes first! Get 4 extra costume sets for each heroine! (School uniform, sexy sleepwear, bikini, and idol costume set). Previous reward included.

Sample DLC for one of Eve's sprite.
There are 2 more sprites for Eve alone.

$25 Digital Music Album

We will give you a digital album consisting all BGM in Just Deserts including the opening soundtrack. All previous rewards included.

$35 Digital Art Book + Name in credits

It's a compilation of the visual assets used in Just Deserts. Great addition for you if you like our art style. Ah, and your name will be added in the credits as a kickstarter backer. All previous rewards included.

$50 Hard Copy: Game and Music (+ shipping cost)

If the steam version is not enough for you, then here we give you the physical copy of the game with exclusive box. It comes with the music album too. All previous rewards included.

$70 Poster: Physical A2 Poster + Personal thanks from all team members (+ shipping cost)

Exclusive poster in A2 size with scene you will not find in the game. We will also give you our personal gratitude with mini illustration from all of our team member. All previous rewards included.

$95 Physical Collector’s Book + Alpha & Beta Version Ticket (+ shipping cost)

You will get a printed collector's book with more contents than digital art book, including sketches, unused artworks, concept arts, and even cosplay photo of the characters. What? Cosplay!? Yes, it is. We will also give you our alpha and beta version of the game, so you can give us some feedback. All previous rewards included.

$120 Mini Standee (+shipping cost)

An acrylic/glossy mini standee of 1 character of your choice with height around 20-40 cm which literally can stand by your side. All previous rewards included.

$220 Complete Mini Standee (+shipping cost)

If one is not enough, we can give you 4 more heroines! All previous rewards included. (total 5 mini standees)

$275 Dakimakura (+shipping cost)

Exclusive Dakimakura of 1 character of your choice with original design just for it! All previous rewards included.

$500 Complete Dakimakura (including shipping cost)

Again, if one is not enough, you can have 4 more heroines! All previous rewards included. (Total 5 dakimakuras)

$750 Shop Keeper: A spot to be the shopkeeper in the game (2 slots)

Thanks for your huge contribution! As a reward, we will offer you a spot to be the shopkeeper in the game! It can be you, your friend or your original design. All previous rewards included.

$900 New Route (5 slots)

That's a lot of support! As a special thanks, you will get a chance to add 1 new route with your own condition! All previous rewards included.

$1000 New Route with CG (2 slots)

Oh God, that's half of our initial goal! As a special thanks, you will get a chance to add 1 new route with your own condition! This time, you can also give us the details of the CG used for this route! All previous rewards included.


$3 Single DLC Costume Set
$5 Google Play Store or Apple AppStore Redeem Code
$15 Digital Music Album
$15 Digital Art Book
$20 Hard Copy (+ shipping cost)
$25 Physical A3 Poster (+ shipping cost)
$30 Physical Collector’s Book (+ shipping cost)
$30 Mini Standee (1 character) (+ shipping cost)
$60 Dakimakura (1 character) (+ shipping cost)


$ 3500 Full English Voice Act! - It's one of our original plan, so we really hope we can reach this goal.

$ 4500 Extra BGM, Extra Costumes - The more the merrier!

$ 5500 New Girl! - As requested by many supporters, we will give you 1 more girl to be loved!

$ 6500 More Girl!!! - One more new lovely girl!

$ 8000 Extra Story, Extra Dialogue - We will add more storyline and interaction dialogue. Possibly new routes.

$ 9500 Ok, You Can Play As Girl - Again, so many requests for this feature. Initially we can't make it because we need to have sooo many adjustment for this. But if we reach this goal, anything we thought impossible can happen. Of course we will have different CG and dialogue for different gender.

$ 11000 Reward Upgrade! - We will give bonus to backer's reward.

$ 15000 Full Japanese Voice Act! - This is our dream, isn't it?

$ 20000 ???

We are a startup game developer team from Indonesia with focus to game with artistic contents (for now). Our main goal is to introduce the potential of Indonesian creative industry to the world, but for now we just want to do experiment on some small projects. Check our website for more info.

Team members of this project

RCz - Character Illustrator

Athin - Game Designer

Ombobon - Background Illustrator

Jun-P - CG Illustrator

PhiQuadrat - Lead Programmer, UI Designer

RizkiARM - Programmer, Consultant

Bonita Bone - Item Illustrator, Programmer

Reef Meizer - Chibi Illustrator

Donsaid - Background Illustrator

Vesuvia (Ecky) - Music Composer

Novalia - Translator

Prima Mustika - Public Relations

Rudychan - Producer

Where the money is going?

Basically we just need some money to finish the development time of around 2-3 more months from now. The money will go to our team members beside kickstarter fee and the rewards. Here is the rough percentage for how the money will be split from the original funding goal:


We are currently on alpha development, and will need 2-3 months from now to finish the game, including the polishing stage. We will start the first alpha test in a few days, second alpha test a week after that and beta test 1 month later. 90% of the character assets have been finished (including character sprites and costumes), and we just need 2 more illustrations for background.  

Preparation for alpha testing on PC and tablet


Risks and Challenges

We have almost finished the project! We just need some help to bring this project to life, or if we get more than our goal, we want to improve its quality and feature. If this campaign is not successful, we will try other means to gather some funds and continue the development. Our biggest challenge might be to satisfy player's high expectation to this game, but we will do our best for it.


When is the release date?
> Initially we plan to release it on February, but then we have a choice to put it on Kickstarter first. Looking the situation right now, we think it will be done in March/April.

How much is the price for the game on Steam/Google Play Store/Apple AppStore after Kikcstarter?
> $1-2 more than what we offer in Kickstarter, so around $6-7.

Are you sure you can release the game with just small amount of fund?
> Yes we can. That small amount of money can help us a lot for 1-2 months. But actually its the minimum limit that we need just to keep the project continuing. We hope that we can reach $4000 or more.

I've seen somewhere that you said you already have the budget for this project
> Yes, we have the budget for its development until February, but we fear it will results in a premature product with poor quality. Sorry to make you wait longer.

I don't have credit card to help your project :(
> Don't worry. If you live in Indonesia, you can send us the money through bank transfer. Another way is through paypal. We will prepare the link for it on our kickstarter page later.

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