Jurassic Fossils 2.0
Jurassic Fossils 2.0

The dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago, while humans did not exist until about 2.5 million years ago. It means dinosaurs became extinct long before humans were around. However, modern science and fossils helped us learn a lot about the extinct dinosaurs. The only source to learn about the dinosaurs is the fossils that were stored in the museums. The fossils in the museums may be real or replicas, as the original fossils are so rare and costly. Not every museum can buy the real fossils so they have to rely on cast, but it doesn’t mean it’s fake.

Jurassic fossil is a team providing realistic, high quality dinosaur replicas. If you are interested to have a dinosaur fossil at your home or office, then get the Jurassic fossils. The main reason behind the manufacture is the dissatisfaction that we faced in getting a dinosaur fossil. As we know the real fossil is very rare and each of us can’t afford the price, and the replicas were either costly or not resemble to the actual fossils.

Advantages of Fossils Replicas-

  • Fulfillment of wish :-) having a Jurassic fossils at home.
  • No need to pay attention, no work, only normal care and will provide many years of highly conversational pleasure in any home, office or study.
  • Affordable price
  • Light Weight
  • Durable, and scientifically accurate,
  • Be a pioneer in a new and evolving community
  • Deepen your passion for Jurassic world.

The component in Jurassic fossils uses 3D printers to create high quality so that it resembles the real skeletons looked like at museums. The T.Rex will also maintain the sturdy and affordability. The main advantage of replica is most of us will never own a real fossil, but can only enjoy in books or museums. With replicas you can enhance your own and can learn from direct handling and examining of your own T.Rex.

Reason behind the Crowdfunding Campaign-

  • To aware audience about my innovation.
  • To raise the funds to create a collection of other dinosaurs that people are most interested in.
  • Working to design high quality models, which lack in museum stores and hobbyist shops
  • To develop interest with Jurassic world.
  • To build online community.

Most of the people study fossil treasures from books or museums, but now you can get your own fossil replicas and can learn from direct handling the fossils. For more details on Jurassic Fossils, visit http://bit.ly/2c7MkBD.

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