Jurassic Art
Jurassic Art

This project has already launched.

Please firstly visit my website www.humblegumball.com for a virtual version of what my project is about (There are real-life photos at my Kickstarter page but as this item uses layered film to create depth it's difficult to see on screen how lovely it is).

Hi, My name is Keaton and I’m a digital artist from Whitstable, Kent in the UK. I specialise in creating art by layering film on top of one another to create a feeling of immersement and depth. 

The pieces I create are usually large bespoke pieces that require many man hours to create and put together; because of this I usually only create a handful and sell them in galleries around Kent.

My dream is to create smaller pieces that are a little bit more reproducible but still beautiful enough to keep their uniqueness - That’s where I’m hoping the Kickstarter community can help!

The idea - With your help I’d really like to develop a smaller unique version of my art at a cost that's affordable to all.

With my love of design and film I'm designing a piece inspired by everyone's favourite dinosaur dynasty and I've already made the first prototype...

So to the funding part - In order to keep costs low I’ll need to order enough materials in bulk from the start.

So if I can get enough people to pledge for 15 pieces that will be enough for me to purchase the materials needed at a good enough rate to Kickstart the project.

If I can gain more than 15 pledges then that will put me in great stead to continue with the idea and create more film related pieces in the coming months.

I'll ensure each piece will arrive nicely boxed, making it a great gift for the discernible dinosaur admirer in your life...

Many thanks for your time and your support  - I hope you'll say:
Hammond, after careful consideration I've decided to endorse your park!

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