Jungle Jim - A Musical Wildlife Adventure
Jungle Jim - A Musical Wildlife Adventure

This project has already launched.

Jungle Jim wants to be your friend.

Jungle Jim is wild about animals! Children will share his passion for wildlife when they watch these innovative and educational music videos that seamlessly merge beautiful animation with exciting live footage of animals in their natural habitat! They will join Jungle Jim on musical wildlife adventures and learn fun facts about animals through catchy, toe-tapping tunes sung by the animals themselves!

We have already produced five original songs along with many minutes of animation featuring original hand drawn animated characters. Two of the videos are fully animated and three videos are only partially completed. The funds will be used to create a 15 minute fully animated HD video.

As parents and teachers, we are tired of seeing our children consume junk food entertainment. We want them to be entertained responsibly. Parents and educators alike praise the unique ability of our Jungle Jim music videos to educate, excite and inspire. The images are colorful, the characters are fun, and the music is infectious. And the live animal footage brings it all together so children develop a greater understanding of the infinite variety of the world around them. They will remember important animal facts because they will be singing about them together with Jungle Jim and his animal friends!

Jungle Jim is an inquisitive boy who loves animals. Each night he goes on a different wildlife adventure with his animal guides, meeting animals from all over the world. With his magic binoculars, he can observe and learn about animals in their natural habitat.

Parents are telling us that our videos are a great way for their children to learn. Visit our YouTube channel and you'll see all the positive feedback on our videos! 

With the advance release of these videos, our Facebook fans and YouTube subscribers have grown significantly. Children are watching Jungle Jim videos again and again! Their response shows that Jungle Jim is the perfect blend of entertaining animation and educational material for children.

We put the lyrics right on the screen and moms are saying that it’s helping their children learn to read. Children are singing along and memorizing the words. Let’s help the children of the world have more Jungle Jim animations to learn from!

In a focus group at our local Boys and Girls Club, the children got up and danced to the music and sang the songs along with the animated characters. They were excited and enthralled!

You can trust that Jungle Jim music videos will provide responsible entertainment for your children. Our goal is to contribute worthwhile content so parents can feel confident that what they are showing is age appropriate for their children.

Happy and intellectually stimulated children help make a happy family.

Visit us online at:  junglejimmusic.com


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