Juliet - The Bowing Stool
Juliet - The Bowing Stool

This project has already launched.

Unique. A similar counter stool remains to be seen.   

Yes, the Juliet really is unique. Indeed, you may find a few luxury carbon fiber chairs, a handful of ergonomic wooden chairs, and naturally, an array of leather finished chairs and stools. However, this affordable, ergonomic, ultralight, carbon fiber leather upholstered design stool, the Juliet, is in a league of its own. Handcrafted in Italy.

We believe that an innovative stool can integrate design, ergonomy and beauty.This is Juliet, the bowing stool.

Design and Beauty 

The Juliet combines fashion, materials, and industrial interior design to make one visually stunning product. The lines straight and minimal. The balance of colors and materials. The quality grains of leather and wood-look carbon fiber. The stitches matching. Every last detail has been considered and designed to create a beautiful product for your home.

Ergonomic Forward Tilt for Dining Posture

Some sitting activities throughout the day require a specific posture. When you dine at your counter or table, your body is leaning forward and then a forward tilt seat is preferred for a comfortable and correct posture.

Ultralight Carbon Fiber Leg Frame   

Very light and exceptionally strong, carbon fiber is known to be the most advanced hi-tech material, and comes with an industrial look. 

The Juliet carbon fiber leg tubes are produced through pultrusion, a process weaving 130 carbon fiber filaments into a profile. Each leg tube is composed of over 3 million fibers. Every single fiber is 10 times thinner than a human hair.

Real Carbon Fiber, but with Woodgrain-like Appearance   

The Juliet carbon fiber has a distinct and unique look, incorporating an elegant natural woodgrain-esque appearance, varying between matte and shiny depending on nature of the lighting. This look is far more elegant than the classic, cross-woven, carbon-fiber look that you usually see in carbon fiber products, like cars or bikes.

Handcrafted by Artisans

The Juliet is assembled and upholstered by Italian artisans' hands. Passion is sewn in with each stitch to create a beautiful stool in every way.


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