Juice Case
Juice Case

This project has already launched.

Luke here from Juice Case. I'm pretty stoked to be able to introduce my product to you, Juice Case - Thin, affordable battery cases for iPhone 6/6S and 6 Plus/6S Plus.

Juice Case is:

  • Thin: just 12mm (adding 5mm to your naked iPhone)
  • Slim: no extended bottom (think Apple Smart Battery Case, and Mophie) and lightweight (70g 6/6S and 80g 6 Plus/6S Plus)
  • Powerful: 2Ah500m (6/6S) and 3000mAh (6 Plus/6S Plus)
  • Affordable: $45 (including free shipping)
  • Smart: 100% Lightning cable compatible (although Juice Case is not yet MFi certified)

When hunting for a battery case for myself, I found most of them to be thick, ugly bricks. Long extended sections at the bottom, weird half sided protection, not Lightning cable friendly, and just not something that aligns with the sleek design of the iPhone. So I set out on my own mission, and Juice Case is the result.

It had to:

  • Be as slim as possible yet offer decent battery capacity
  • Offer all-sided protection
  • Work with original Lightning cable only
  • Be lightweight and no longer or wider than a regular phone case

I'm not prone to hyperbole (world's first, most powerful etc) and rather conservatively view Juice Case as a last mile solution to our iPhone battery woes - kind of like how an electric scooter or bicycle is to the daily commute - saving us from that last mile mission.

Phone dying when you're just about to hail an Uber for after work drinks with friends? Being tethered to a heavy, bulky power bank or waiting in the car for your battery to top up while your beer slowly warms itself at the bar is crap! Juice Case solves this problem and will double an iPhone 6/6S battery life and charge a 6/6S Plus to 75% capacity (depending on phone usage) - more than enough to enjoy beers, order an Uber home and get yourself plugged into a wall socket. Er, your phone I mean :)

We chose tough (yet soft-to-the-touch) plastics and a two-piece design for durability and functionality (aluminium bumpers like another well-known case is known to cause signal issues). Simplicity (separate the top section, slide your phone in until its seated snuggly in the Lightning port and clip together again) as well as protection were also top of mind.

Considering some of the shenanigans around other campaigns I have committed to:

  • A fixed funding campaign. If we don't reach our goal, backers money is returned. No questions ask. This removes some of the risk
  • 100% transparency and commitment to constant communication with backers with regards to manufacturing progress and deliveries. (All my personal, and the company information is freely available online, and I encourage people to reach out at any time, especially if I don't keep to my word)
  • Underpromise, overdeliver
  • Delivering a quality product on time before Christmas 2016

Phew! That's it from me! I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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