This project has already launched.

If you are anything like me, finding a planner that will help organize your personal and professional or scholastic life can be a difficult task. After years of planner usage, and literally hundreds of planners later, I realized I had a real problem on my hands: I could not find a planner that worked for me. They were either too big or too small or didn't have enough pages or had too many pages! I would like one thing about this planner and wish that I could combine it with the one thing I liked about another planner. The solution: create a new planner.

JOT is an undated, simplified method of combining planning tools for both your personal and professional or scholastic life. From daily spreads, grocery lists and pages simply for doodling, it is designed to minimize the hassle of keeping up with our daily lives. 

The 30-day design makes it compact and easy to handle, allowing you to start with a fresh planner every month.

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