Jessica Hurst - Graphic Design Student
Jessica Hurst - Graphic Design Student

This project has already launched.


I am a college student right now trying to get into the Graphic Design program at my University. The program only allows 20 students per year into the classes. I am right now taking prerequisites for the program and am starting to put together my portfolio for submission. I am starting this fundraiser to help me get the required materials for my classes and for personal projects that I can use in my portfolio.  

I have been doing Graphic Design related projects since I was very young. I remember when I was about 6 years old I made a little cheesy PowerPoint presentation and showed it to my mom, claiming to have made a "commercial." 

When I was in high school, I took my very first official Graphic Design class. It was the only class that I was getting an A in, and the only class I had any desire to put effort into during a very hard time for me.  

During high school I was being bullied very badly and had family issues. Because of those reasons I dropped out and got my GED. After acquiring my GED I went to a Technical School and got certifications in Web Design and Adobe Photoshop.  

It was throughout all of these situations that I found myself loving art and Graphic Design more and more. These days I work on many projects outside of just my school requirements. I make costume characters and avatars for a sandbox game, I make stock photos for websites, and I make various memes and fun pictures.

The funds that I am acquiring in this project will go directly to helping me obtain more materials for school and personal projects. Due to unfortunate circumstances in my life I am on the low end of the income spectrum. I am beyond what the poverty level in America is considered and I try my hardest to get by with what I am able to make. This is even more of a challenge because I have issues with depression and anxiety that keep me from being able to effectively work while going to school without having mental break downs. 

It would be a great help to me to be able to afford some better materials to make greater projects and eventually get into the program that will be my saving grace. If I can get into the program I am hoping for, I can finally get myself out of poverty and into a comfortable living condition. 

All I am asking is for a little bit of help so I can do the work needed to succeed. 

To see more of my work here is a portfolio I made through Wix.

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