Jeff Sturgeon's Last Cities of Earth
Jeff Sturgeon's Last Cities of Earth

This project has already launched.

Last Cities of Earth is a universe depicting humanity's survival in the face of global catastrophe born out of the mind’s eye of award-winning artist Jeff Sturgeon. It features an illustrated anthology, an art book, and multiple collections.   

With over 40 stories and dozens upon dozens of pieces of art by bestselling and award-winning contributors, Last Cities of Earth is a stunning collection full of tales and imagery of a brand-new world awaiting you as one of its first discoverers.  

Master storytellers and artists are building this world—those whose imaginations helped shape Star WarsStar Trek, and dozens of other fan favorite universes in sci-fi/fantasy, mystery, thriller, YA, horror... Last Cities of Earth is a collection of possibilities answering questions such as “Why are the cities floating?” and “What happened to force humanity into the skies?”

For the core anthology, edited by award-winning author and editor, Jennifer Brozek, we will have stories by Kevin J. Anderson, Mike Resnick and Andrea Stewart, Brenda Cooper, Jody Lynn Nye, JA Pitts, Raven Oak, Cat Rambo, Ian Douglas, Steve Perry, David McDonald, Peter J. Wacks, Leigh Dragoon, Kary English, Liz Holliday, David Gerrold, and Josh Boykin.

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