JANX - Journals for an anxiety reducing lifestyle
JANX - Journals for an anxiety reducing lifestyle

This project has already launched.

What if you could manage your anxiety levels, release pent-up emotions, gain clarity, and become more mindful and grateful, whilst focusing forward and living your life with intention – all by investing just 5 - 30 minutes per day on yourself?

JANX journals have been developed to provide a simple outline that can help you to achieve all of these things when applied regularly over time.

JANX is designed for teenagers and adults.

JANX junior is for children from ages 5-12 (although every child is different, so please use this as a guideline).

Every double-page in a JANX journal has space to create intentions, set goals, feel grateful, identify fears, express yourself creatively, feel inspired, and also to write about both your challenges and accomplishments for that day.

The purpose of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise the funds required to produce both JANX and JANX Junior journals. This includes the print runs and shipping costs to deliver rewards to backers.

It is important to me that JANX is able to go into production. After experiencing the benefits JANX has given me, I know it will be able to help many other people who struggle with anxiety too. I don't want these potential benefits to be dependent upon reaching a large funding goal. For this reason I have decided to forfeit the quality of JANX slightly unless this campaign reaches its stretch goal of $18,000.

If the NZ$1500 target is reached, JANX journals will be printed by Ingram Spark, a digital Print on Demand company. The quality is good, but my ultimate goal from this campaign is to reach the NZ$18,000 stretch goal, which will mean that all journals will be produced with greater quality and a few added extras.

If you can see the potential of JANX, please consider supporting this campaign by pledging to pre-order your own copy(s) or sharing this campaign with those who you think may benefit.

Read on to learn more about what triggered the design of JANX, and also about the many tools featured inside each JANX and JANX Junior journal.

I was a socially anxious pre-teen who had suffered from selective mutism as a younger child, and elements of the condition stayed with me. As an older teen I developed eating disorders, depression, and then alcohol dependency. Into my 20’s I began to suffer from frequent night terrors.

I sought help with medication, meditation, and various forms of therapy, both self-directed and facilitated. Over the 10-15 years that followed I have moved mountains in my efforts to make peace with my anxious ways, but as a highly sensitive person it doesn’t take much to push me back over the edge.

In my opinion, managing anxiety is a bit like healthy eating. It is not something you can do just once, but instead is something to be incorporated into your lifestyle.

When I was sixteen I kept a diary under my pillow. I wrote in it every night, because it helped me to feel better about the many changes I was going through at the time. It was an important part of my day – and crucial for my mental and emotional health.

The habit of daily journaling, unfortunately, didn’t last. It has taken me over two decades to really appreciate the benefits I have been missing out on for all of this time. A combination of self reflection and research has helped me to understand these benefits and given me the motivation to resurrect the daily habit of journaling in my life.

  • Clarity – When you feel like your thoughts and feelings have you knotted up inside like a big, jumbled mess, putting pen to paper and just letting yourself write can feel like a massive relief. Journaling can put you in touch with what is really going on for you. 
  • Get to know yourself better – Journaling helps you to make sense of your thoughts and feelings, and this helps you to understand yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way. 
  • Process emotions and manage anxiety – Journaling can help you to relieve the intensity of your feelings, leaving you freer to face your difficulties and move beyond them. 

JANX is a beautiful casebound, 6x9 inch journal with 450 pages (20 weeks of outlines) ready for you to fill with your own unique responses. It includes a cloth bookmark and elastic closure.

When faced with a blank piece of paper it can be easy to either freeze, or write forever. JANX provides prompts and a space-limit, meaning journaling can occur in regular short bursts that are easy to maintain within your daily routine.

Inside a JANX journal there are 20 weeks worth of weekly and daily journal outlines to help its user to implement many potentially beneficial techniques into their daily routine. The dates are left blank for you to fill in yourself, meaning you can begin as soon as you receive your journal, and take it at a pace that suits you.

In addition to the daily tools, JANX includes

  • Explore your hopes, dreams, vision, lifestyle and goals - Each journal opens with 30 pages of information and space to assess your wants and needs.
  • Weekly intention setting pages - Gain clarity on the goals, challenges and feelings for the week ahead. Includes a to-do list.
  • Weekly reflection pages - reflect upon your challenges, achievements and lessons learned.
  • Working through overwhelm pages - For your more intense emotional moments, this outline gives you space to work through your feelings.

Since incorporating JANX into my life I have observed the huge release that can come from writing things down, and also from identifying fears and destructive beliefs. We each have the ability to do this for ourselves, and to achieve everything we ever dreamed of, but so often overwhelm and a lack of structure can get in the way.

It is my vision that JANX may empower people to realize their own ability to achieve their goals and to live a functional and inspiring life that is not ruled by anxiety. Anxiety has a function in our lives, but it was never meant to take over, the way it does for many of us.

Having suffered from anxiety throughout my childhood, I believe in the importance of introducing anxiety-reducing techniques at an early age. I think the earlier a child can begin to learn about and accept him or herself, the better.

For this reason, I chose to develop a simpler version of JANX for children to use ...

JANX Junior works in the same way as JANX, but with only daily outlines and fewer included tools.

My vision for JANX Junior is a spiral-bound 150 page journal (65 daily outlines) ready to be filled. It includes an elastic closure. However, until the $18,000 stretch goal is reached, the same great features will be included in the perfect-bound version.

JANX Junior is available to pre-order through this campaign for the special Kickstarter price of NZ$17 per journal.

Choose from the rewards available and pre-order your JANX journal by backing this Kickstarter project and helping the first print-run of JANX to go ahead.
Choose from the rewards available and pre-order your JANX journal by backing this Kickstarter project and helping the first print-run of JANX to go ahead.

This project can only go ahead if people like you like the look of JANX - and choose to pre-order your copy through this Kickstarter campaign. There are several reward options you may choose from.

Choose from the rewards available and pre-order your JANX journal by backing this Kickstarter project and helping the first print-run of JANX to go ahead.
Choose from the rewards available and pre-order your JANX journal by backing this Kickstarter project and helping the first print-run of JANX to go ahead.

I have chosen to set the goal for this project at NZ$1,500 which covers all costs to set up JANX and JANX junior with Ingram Spark, a digital 'print on demand' printer. I have a prototype copy of JANX printed in this format, and the quality is good. However, it could be better.

My ultimate goal for JANX is to have them produced at a higher quality than this. To cover all associated costs, I have set a stretch goal of NZ$18,000. If this goal is reached, you will still receive the same products at the same prices, but your copies of JANX and JANX junior will be of higher quality with some added extras ...

JANX is not intended to replace professional medical or mental health treatment. If you are experiencing an anxiety condition I recommend that you seek professional help as soon as possible. There are excellent treatments available and many provide lasting results.

The information in JANX and on this page have been written by a non-medical/mental health professional who has personal experience with anxiety. The information is based on a combination of the latest research and personal experience.


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