James Stead Adventurer
James Stead Adventurer

This project has already launched.

Oh no not another game!! I here you say. Well yes it is. I have already been working on this game for quite a while and am very happy with what I have achieved so far. This is an action adventure game along the lines of Tomb Raider, Uncharted etc, that genre. The funds raised would allow me to work pretty much full time on the game and not have to carry on with my other work (self employed graphic designer/web designer). As the game is already at an advanced stage (all gameplay mechanics (well most) as well as three large complete levels) I estimate only 1 year more work will complete this game.

The game will be available for the PC, and Mac platforms (possibly Linux and others) and will be available on Steam, Appstore and others.
Thank You

Thanks for your time.

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