Jam Master Jay mural extension
Jam Master Jay mural extension

In 2002, Art1 Airbrush was successful in creating the world famous "Jam Master Jay" mural on 205th street in Hollis Queens New York. Since then the mural has become a tourist attraction and has become the most filmed mural appearing on major television networks and music videos. This mural was featured in 2015 on ABC's "Beyond the Tank". Many people from all walks of life visit the mural to pay homage to the great Hip-Hop legend Jam Master Jay. 205th street where the mural is located has been named Run Dmc JMJ way. Hollis Queens is rich in Hip-Hop history and was the birth place of many famous legends. Some of the greats in music such as LL Cool J, Ed Lover, Russell Simmons, Run DMC etc., were born and raised in Hollis, Queens. Many other famous people such as Royal Ivey (NBA player), Steven A. Smith (sports caster), grew up in Hollis as well.


Art1 Airbrush would like to commemorate and celebrate the accomplishments and successes of the many Hollis natives by including their portraits in the extension of the mural on the remainder of the available wall space. The finished mural will measure 15 ft x 50 ft.


The mural extension project will take 2 full weeks to complete in the ending of spring 2016. We plan to involve some of the local youth in the painting process as well as hire professionals that are needed.


the 1st week will consist of prepping the wall, base coating and transferring the designed sketch on to the wall.


the 2nd week will consist of the actual  painting of images and designs onto wall. Clear coating will be applied when all painting is completed.




Paint - $1900


Boom Lift Rental - $5600


Airbrushes - $4500


Compressors  - $4200


Labor - $5600


Travel - $700


Risks and challenges


The only challenges we would face is the rain season of spring. That's why we would like to start the project at the ending of spring May 1, 2016. If the rain season spills over to May then we would move the start date to June 1, 2016


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