Jagaha.com, Mumba’s #1 commercial real estate property site, launched just about one year ago
Jagaha.com, Mumba’s #1 commercial real estate property site, launched just about one year ago

This project has already launched.

Jagaha.com, Mumba’s #1 commercial real estate property site, launched just about one year ago (April 22nd 2016) and has had tremendous success in the Indian property market’s most valuable commercial real estate city.


Our goal is to be a one stop shop for all of your Mumbai commercial real estate needs – from having the most commercial properties in Mumbai (all verified as well) to assisting in filtering down the correct property to closing the deal for the user with any all negotiation and legal assistance.  We have made serious in roads over the last year and we would not have been able to accomplish so much without such support.


Below we have listed the changes and achievements that have occurred over the last year at Jagaha.com and we want to take this opportunity to thank all the users, Mumbai realtors, Mumbai property owners, Mumbai developers that have supported our online commercial property site over the last year.



Jagaha.com’s 1st Year Highlights


With over 15,000 properties in Mumbai listed at Jagaha.com gives our online property site the most commercial properties in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai when compared to not only real estate agencies which the more impressive ones will only have a couple hundred commercial properties direct with them, but also and more impressively when compared to other online property sites such as 99acres Mumbai and Magicbricks Mumbai.


The most verified commercial properties in Mumbai, again more than the likes of Magicbricks Mumbai and 99acres Mumbai, where the number of verified retail and office properties in Mumbai is the exact same as the amount of total properties in Mumbai listed on our online property site. Put it another way, 100% of the properties in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai listed at Jagaha.com have under gone in-person verification.


Social Media: Over 50,000 Facebook “Likes,” over 10,000 Twitter followers & nearly 7,000 followers on LinkedIn 


Intelligent scroller for price and area – the values in the scroller are weighted averaged depending on the values inputted making for a much easier user experience when filtering properties in Mumbai.


Scroller values for price and area can be changed not only by moving the scroller ball, but one can now also input he desired values making the search for properties in Mumbai that much more exact on our online property site.


Consolidation of search filters on the results page, providing a more efficient search both on the mobile as well as on the desktop.


Expansion of commercial properties in Mumbai to include Thane & Navi Mumbai.


Videos uploaded for nearly all commercial real estate Mumbai videos on our online property site via YouTube. Over 93% of new properties in Mumbai uploaded to Jagaha.com have a video accompanying it. We have the most active commercial property in Mumbai channel with by far the most videos uploaded.


Created a subcategory for entire commercial buildings in Mumbai for sale and for rent – needless to say we cover commercial buildings in Navi Mumbai & Thane as well.


Expansion into coworking spaces in Mumbai, covering coworking spaces in Thane and coworking spaces in Navi Mumbai as well.  


Added an inquire box for those users that want assistance from the team and want to get in touch with our Mumbai commercial real estate experts immediately.


Nearby area feature which gives the user additional options of nearby commercial property sites for the given search – this can be found at the bottom of the search results page. 


Over two hundred neighborhood descriptions written specifically for both sale and rent in namely the following categories: office space, shops/showrooms, commercial buildings, restaurants & coworking spaces, providing needed color to Indian property seekers in the commercial property in Mumbai market place.     


New subcategory specifically for restaurant properties for rent and sale in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai.


Jagaha’s expert Mumbai commercial real estate team averages over 100 property in Mumbai inspections every month – each of the 100 inspections of office and retail properties in Mumbai are with different clients whether they be realtors or the end client.


Easy access thru quick links to property in Mumbai listings for all the commercial real estate categories that we offer. Each quicklink also provides the exact number of properties in Mumbai currently available in that specific location.








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