JackSafe 3,5mm Audio jack Magnetic Adapter
JackSafe 3,5mm Audio jack Magnetic Adapter

This project has already launched.

JackSafe - the first and the best magnetic audio jack connector.

There are already plenty of magnetic adapters for Lightning and Micro-USB that make connection safe and easy. But we found that there are no audio jack adapters that can do this function well.

Perhaps many times you faced a situation when something pulls the wire of your headphones connected to the phone, laptop or any other device and your device drops to the floor or some damage done to the wire or the connector. Then JackSafe is made for you.

Here are most common reasons for headphones cable mechanical failures. 

JackSafe solves the forced tearing problem and prevents excessive bending of headphones cable.

The design process of JackSafe took us more than two years to make it perfect. We worked through all the details that will make JackSafe a great product. After several redesigns and iterations, we finally made the best version of it.

We have already made a working JackSafe prototype, here how it works:

Please visit us at  www.thejacksafe.com

 We already launched! Hurry up to get your Early Bird discounted Perk!!! igg.me/at/jacksafe


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