Jack's Axe Throwing Founders Club
Jack's Axe Throwing Founders Club

This project has already launched.

At Jack's, we are about building community through throwing sharp objects into targets and other odd but addicting sports to build a community of Lumber Jacks and Lumber Jill's who have great zeal for life.

Our work, your play.

Axe/Knife Throwing is a rapidly growing global sport, with multiple governing bodies around it. Axe throwing is completely safe for the entire family, and everyone is guaranteed a fun time or your money back.

Jack is starting out in Colorado Springs, CO! With a bar and food service in the works. Yes, beer and axes do pair perfectly in moderation. Of course, not around the kids during family night or during league,(Must be at the top of your game during competition) 

Also, must be sober enough to drive when throwing, lest you be unable to throw! No funny business here, but plenty of business that is fun.

Maybe Jack will be in your community one day? Make a comment where you'd like to see this community grow to!

We are in the process of finalizing a facility in Colorado Springs, and will be opening Late Spring. We are working tirelessly with contractors/landlords to finish! We will also be joining the NATF (National Axe Throwing Federation) and have weekly leagues at the arena. Find more information about them here: http://www.nationalaxe.com/

This campaign is much more than giving us money to grow the sport of axe throwing, it is about growing lasting friendships, competing against each other, having fun and becoming the best version we can be.

We will also be doing knife throwing, star throwing, spear throwing, and anything else that is sharp and fun to throw!  Don't forget about lumberjack and viking like activities, such as wood chopping and other fun activities to check out as well!!

For more information on the extra fun times, check these links out!



Make sure to tell your friends if you want to throw axes in Colorado Springs and have Jack expand to other locations in the future!

More details to come!


  • People 1st, sharp objects 2nd
  • Improve everyday in everything we do
  • Kindness is Key
  • Everyone is welcome in Jack's arena
  • Strive to Throw Like Jack

 Any questions email: Jack@jacksaxethrowing.com                                 Or call 719-659-8946 (DISCLAIMER: There is no one named Jack (Yet) that works here, we look up to Jack for inspiration and help.)

Jack is an average guy, Jack is also a champion, we want to be like Jack, we want to Throw Like Jack.

Pledges are first come first serve! No refunds will be issued

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