JackPack - Back the Audio Jack
JackPack - Back the Audio Jack

JackPack is an innovative case for the iPhone 7 that lets you use a 3.5mm audio jack and charge your iPhone at the same time without any unnecessary adapters. This compact design will make it seem like you never lost the headphone jack in the first place.

The current solution to listening to music and charging your device at the same time

Using adapters to charge and listen to music on your device are expensive and clunky, why not put it into one case for your convenience?

Buy a JackPack case and ditch the dongles goodbye.

Durable Build

JackPack is made of TPU plastic which is an amazingly durable and flexible material to protect your phone from minor drops and scratches. Along with this, TPU will minimize the risk of your phone slipping out of your hand due to its resistance to oils and greases from your hand.

Slim Design

Who doesn't want a sleek and slim case? Our design makes it easy to fit into your pocket without adding any unnecessary length to the phone causing it to stick out. The lip was instead added to the lower back portion of the case so we could keep the natural feel of holding a phone in our hands and plugging in cords to the bottom of the phone just like you always have.

JackPack will house a PCB board in the back lip of the case that has the female jack connector and lightning connector integrated into it. This will be connected to the main lightning port that connects into your phone. The prototype added .21 inches to the back and .10 inches to the bottom of the case but will be even less when the final design is ready for manufacturing.

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