J Herriot Belts Collection
J Herriot Belts Collection


The Story of the Team:

Attara Design Studio was established in 2013 by a group of friends united by our love of superior design and quality. Our sole purpose is to create distinctive, high end fashion accessories at reasonable prices. We do not want to follow the current trends, but rather to give our products a unique, timeless look. The type that makes you fall in love in them from the first sight. We are continually striving to advance and create the brands that will make you stand out of the crowd.

For more information and other cool projects visit our website: Attara Desing Studio  , alternatively you can check our other project that is currently featuring on Prefundia - the really cool Rebel: Utility Timepiece


Our Inspiration for the J Herriot Line:

The first J Herriot belt was designed after unsuccessful search around the shopping centers for that good looking belt that could be worn both with a suit at business meeting and with jeans for a night out. Just an accessory that will be noticed in every occasion.

Our disappointment was big. Most fashion brands sold only very common, standard belts with holes and simple, small metal belt buckles. Everything we could find was poorly designed, manufactured out cheap leather and terribly overpriced. The type of belt that every man has at least one piece of. This how we designed what later evolved into the Statement of Intent belt buckle and the classic black leather strap.

We firmly believe that the main purpose of an accessory is to be noticed and each of the J Herriot models will be. We are proud to have created a lot more than a product that will hold your pants.  

The J Herriot Collection:

The first prototype turned out so eye-catching that we decided to develop the project into a whole collection of high quality belts united in one brand name – J Herriot. The name was chosen as reminiscence of one of the founder’s grandfather who was very old school, traditional gentlemen with very well-mannered but direct attitude. Therefore our goal was to give the collection that classy appearance, without sacrificing the modern features. We finally agreed on four distinctive models – Character of Strength, Statement of Intent, Inner Circle and Special Perspective. Each model is has its own individuality but they all share the common spirit of the collection.


Character of Strength


Character of Strength is by far our most formal and straightforward belt buckle model. Combined with the textured black leather strap, it has a very masculine and even aggressive appearance. The goal was to create a clean-cut model without any unnecessary ornamentation. The only decoration of the belt buckle is the two dark grey curves that nevertheless possess slightly chameleonic properties. Their brightness and color can vary depending on the source of light and angle of sight. This inevitably will draw attention on you and your appearance.

This model is the embodiment of the real man’s spirit – strong, demanding and yet gentle and elegant. The type of man, which is always in control of his life and knows how to influence his surroundings with his attitude and intelligence.  It is perfectly combined with a formal, dark suit in a professional setting but goes equally well with dark blue or black jeans in more informal situations.  In any case the Character of Strength belt is the perfect accessory to wear on a business or personal meeting, when you want to make impression on the others and make yourself and your point heard.


Statement of Intent


This is the model that inspired the whole J Herriot collection.  The Statement of Intent belt has the spirit of pure elegance and harmony in it. It has a very clean characteristic design with two distinctive textured bands on the top and bottom that balance the polished central plate and frames. It is designed to blend perfectly with your outfit. The model is very shiny and attention grabbing but in a very unobtrusive way. It is best combined with the classic black leather strap that gives it that unique classy appearance.

Statement of Intent is the belt for the real gentlemen – stylish and well-mannered, but also strong and sharp when needed. Although it is still in the more formal category of belts, together with Character of Strength, its elegant and simplistic design will complement anything from classic black suit and necktie to blue jeans and blazer. Because of that it can be worn almost in any setting by the professional whenever he want to leave a mark with his appearance. This is an everyday belt for the man, who wants to look stylish and impeccable every single time. 


Inner Circle


This model is by far the most attractive and attention getting belt in the J Herriot collection. Inner Circle just turned out a bit too sexy, even by our standards. There is simply no way you will walk in the room and this single piece of accessory will be left unnoticed. Its design and gold and brown colors are made to stand out.  The darker central plate will reflect your clothing and resonate with the surrounding environment. The perfect companion of the Inner Circle belt buckle is the lacquered brown leather strap, which by itself is an attention grabber, but it will also go well with textured black strap.

This is a belt for the extrovert, the man who is the center of attention. The kind of guy who just seems to attract friends and acquaintances trough his character.  The natural environment of the Inner Circle model is the informal setting of night outs, dinners, cocktail parties and receptions. The places where you are expected to make social connections. It can be worn in more formal situations but it requires a special confidence, the kind that the natural leaders possess. In any case, this is a belt for the man who is bound to be noticed.

Special Perspective


Special Perspective is probably the most distinctive member in the collection.  It may not be as flashy or elegant as the other belt buckles but it certainly has the strongest individuality of the four. It is simply made to be different, like a piece of art. The belt buckle has a single, smooth and polished concave plate, decorated with two black trapezoid shapes. The form of the plate is designed so that it will reflect light and images back to the person looking at it, regardless of the angle of sight.

The color of the belt buckle make it uniquely suited to go along with any of the three leather straps, depending on the situation in which you would commonly wear it. It blends so easily with any piece of clothing that you can wear it with virtually anything from black suit to light blue jeans. It is like the man who is open with everybody and who is admired by everybody, but who is never losing his individuality to the group.

Our Straps:


We have designed three different types of straps for the collection. They are all made up of very high quality, top layer cow hide processed in different ways for each strap. We have indicated in the description of each belt buckle, what we believe is the best match of strap and buckle, but we would like offer a wide choice of alternatives. That is why every belt buckle can be shipped with a leather strap of your choice. This will provide us with very valuable feedback for general preferences of the market.

Quality and Materials:

We have designed the J Herriot belt collection using only the very best of the materials available. The belt buckles are made of very high quality, durable alloys, aluminum and stainless steel. Certain details are coated with wear-resistant polish. The outer surface of the leather straps is made of top quality cow hide, while for the interior we have used thicker, sturdier leather that provides support.

How does the Mechanism Work:


The J Herriot belts collection uses an innovative track mechanism, which is superior to the traditional belt buckles with holes. The reason is that the conventional belts have only a limited number of adjustment positions, usually 5 to 7. However your waistline varies widely during the day due to consumption of food and beverages, temperature and metabolism. This means that most of the time your belt will not fit you perfectly. Making more holes in the belt does not look good and simply destroys it, without any guarantee that you will get the correct size. Moreover, due to the tension between the metal and leather, the traditional belts will inevitably get stress marks

We utilize a magnetic mechanism for the belt buckle, which has a very low failure rate. There are certain manufacturers of ratchet belts that rely on more complex spring loaded mechanisms. These however ware out with time and usage as springs break, while the magnetic one is virtually eternal. As a result the useful life of the belt is limited only by the life and normal wear off of the leather strap.

The J Herriot belts have a very durable plastic band on the inside that provides 32 adjustment positions for very fine tuning. The buckle locks firmly at your exact waist size, as it changes during the day. Even after a heavy lunch you don’t need to unbuckle the belt to loosen it, as you do with the traditional belts. This is not only inconvenient and embarrassing but in certain formal situations may be even unacceptable. If a J Herriot belt feels too tight, all you need to do is to pull the small lever on the bottom side and the belt will loosen to the correct size again.

Gift for Men:

J Herriot belts are shipped in luxury gift box and make a great present that the guys can wear with pleasure every day.


All belt straps are a standard length of 120 cm / 47.2 in and 3.5 cm/ 1.4 in wide. The belt buckles are detachable and the length of the strap can be trimmed with just scissors to your exact waist rage

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