I've got
I've got "Love to Burn" - Let's Catch it on Camera!

This project has already launched.

I am making my first official music video for my upcoming radio single, "Love to Burn"! My team and I have all agreed that in order to gain the exposure necessary to continue to move my music forward to the next level, this is the next step. We have a great video crew out of Music City and an amazing story to tell!

There are many things we are hoping to accomplish with this video: Adding to our promotional materials, gaining the attention of the major country music networks, and attracting more music industry professionals and companies to the brand. Not to mention this video will be submitted for nominations for multiple awards including the Grammys! But most importantly, we hope that this excites and multiplies the fan base.  We have over 25K fans already, but there are so many yet to reach with my music. 

We are hoping to have the music video done and ready to launch by the end of September! I know that is a tight timeline, but we have the best in the business working on this! 

I've never been one to ask for help in this department. I am a very hard worker and have held multiple jobs my entire life.  But things are moving with my music and they are moving FAST! The train is leaving the station and I want us to be on it!!!! They say it takes a village.... So I need you, my fans & friends to rally behind me and help me make this project happen. I am so thankful to have such amazing fans and thank you in advance for your generosity and support! 

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