It's Just A Theory - Conspiracy Card Game
It's Just A Theory - Conspiracy Card Game

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Introducing It's Just A Theory: a unique conspiracy crafting card game using a fun story-telling game mechanic focused around, you've guess it - conspiracy theories.

Have you ever wondered how Hitler faked his death or why we haven't been back to the moon and how this relates to the growing industry of ''Big Oil''? Then It's Just A Theory is the game for you!!!

In this fast-paced, engaging game, players take on the role of conspiracy theorists and compete against each other to explain their theories about the world around them. 

With over 200 cards in the game the possibilities for new random stories is virtually endless, an ideal party game for players who like comedy and story-telling.



Players work against each other to create a conspiracy theory, using ‘'Fact'’ cards that contain concepts or objects which can be used to form conspiracy theories. In a round, one player is the lead conspiracy theorist who will begin a theory using one of their ''Conspiracy'' cards. The lead conspiracy theorist then uses their pool of "Fact" cards to move the story in certain directions with the aim of allowing them to finish their theory by playing a ''Propaganda'' card. The more “Fact” cards they play in a chain the more points they score.



To do this they will have to compete against every other conspiracy theorist at the table, who wishes to highjack their theory and explain their own deluded ideas. Other players hijack a theory by trying to use their cards to interrupt and successfully challenge the theory.


The winner of a round is the player who plays their Propaganda card ending the theory. Points are scored by finishing theories and more points are awarded by playing more cards forming an uninterrupted chain. 

The winner is the conspiracy theorist who has the most points at the end of the game. So don your tinfoil hat, open your third eye, ensure your subcutaneous xenoestrogen injection unit is charged and prepare to discover truths you did not know about the world, and remember:

                                        It’s Just A Theory!



  • Unique Conspiracy Crafting Card Game

It's Just A Theory is a unique spin on the story telling mechanic using outlandish ideas based on real 'conspiracy theories'.

  • Easy to Learn, Quick to Play

It's Just a Theory can be played within minutes of opening the box. We've designed the core rules to be as simple as possible whilst retaining an interesting and challenging depth to the game. The rules allow for players of all skill levels to quickly learn and play the game, whilst also challenging veteran players to develop new strategies (i.e. knowing what card a player may be alluding to in their challenge and providing alternate explanations to retain play). 

  • Kickstarter Exclusive Content

As our first group of loyal backers, you will be entitled to a unique set of rewards with your game. 

  • Stretch Goals Galore

Your pledge WILL make the game better. We have a wide variety of stretch goals to both improve the look and feel of the game as well as provide new game mechanics. These stretch goals are only achievable with economies of scale. 

  • Rigorously play tested

The game has been play tested for over a year by the designers and friends and blind play testers over 200 times. But don't take our word for it, check the comments or even download the Beta copy.

  •  Replay-ability

The game has a vast number of cards that can be used in a multitude of combinations, meaning that you can pick it up and have a fun game each time you play it, with new and exciting theories told every time. Even after multiple plays and knowing what cards are in the deck just adds to another level of strategy to the game. 






We would like to thank all our play testers, without your feedback and support this game would not exist! 




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