iSlush - The world's first affordable & professional slushy maker
iSlush - The world's first affordable & professional slushy maker


Built to the absolute highest commercial standards, this fully self functioning, professional slushy machine is in a league of it's own. This custom built, high gloss finish metallic masterpiece stands at a perfect 45cm in height, and 35cm in width, making it the most ideal bench-top size for any environment, and the first of it's kind anywhere in the world. With a built in auto-chill and temperature controlling system, easy-pour tap solution, and a built in over-flow spill tray, you will become the owner of something revolutionary!


Here you will find our selection of immaculately finished, high gloss Slushy units, in the world's most popular colours, crafted to suit the kitchen or benchtop decor requirements of any home or business.

iSlush Machine

Flavours Range


The Slushy Guys have created the iSlush Masterpiece flavours range to set an industry leading standard in frozen drinks. All our slushy flavours are made using only the highest grade in syrup quality available on the market. Each bottle packs a punch of bursting flavour, which taste absolutely mouthwatering on the pallet, and is guaranteed to please our customers time and time again. 

Pricing & Delivery

Australia & U.S. Delivery *

Australia Wide ONLY $449.00AUD 
inclusive of delivery* 

United States Wide ONLY $355.00USD 
inclusive of delivery* 

Don't pay $2,000+ for a single machine when you can own your own exclusive Double machine for only a fraction of the price! 

* For all orders outside of Australia and the United States, please send us your order quantity requirements via our Contact Us page.
For bulk order requests, please send us an email with your volume requirements, colour range and delivery details, and we will tailor a free quote for you.
*Delivery may vary for remote or rural areas. Email us for confirmation at if you live in a rural or remote location. Thank you 

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