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iPubi - Online Publishing Platform

iPubi - Intelligent Publishing International


What is iPubi?

Being able to find a publication that covers your area of interest or niche is a problem that many readers are confronted with. Having limited access to, or being unaware of, publications that cover your area of interest is now a problem that has been solved. Intelligent Publishing International (iPUBi) is an online hosting platform that contains a huge library of publications that covers a wide range of subject areas and special interests. The management team are constantly adding to the titles that appear there, but here's the great news, anyone but anyone can upload a publication to the platform for FREE. Signing up for a basic account gets you access to the platform and millions of readers.  Your niche, special interest or new publication can now be showcased and seen by readers from around the world.

Being able to showcase your publication to a worldwide audience is a challenge that most publishers great and small constantly try to achieve.  The complex task of trying to satisfy advertisers expectations, reach a wide audience and grow a readership, while monitoring what content a diverse readership may desire, is a common problem that editors of all publications try to address by ensuring content is engaging and imagery captivating.

Intelligent Publishing International or iPUBi, is an online publications hosting platform that equips publishers and editors with a set of tools that offer an effective solution and a wide range of benefits aimed at promoting a publication and its material to a wide and diverse audience. The iPUBi platform also enables publishers to monitor how a readership is engaging with each page of its publication.

Key Features

iPUBi offers a range of features that are invaluable to any publisher or editor.  The state of the art reader that opens and displays magazines in a very attractive and user friendly format, enables readers to easily navigate through a publication. Each page can be read with true life page turning effect. The iPUBi "snip&share" tool empowers readers to easily share images or content to any social media platform - at the click of a mouse. Favourite publications can be, followed, categorized and saved according to the preference of the reader.  The powerful editing suite offers true functionality to publishers.  Text positioning, hyperlinks, callout tool, video, image and audio tools  can be easily inserted and positioned or repositioned according to the design requirement of the publisher.

Identifying Customized Needs of the Audience

The iPUBi platform incorporates a powerful heatmap tool.  The iPUBi heatmap tool is a piece of software that tracks how readers engage with each page of a publication.  The software records how each reader manoeuvres the mouse over each page and where impressions have been made. This powerful tool provides publishers with the necessary data to effectively respond to the pull of a readership and direct a publication in accordance with the identified needs of its customer base.

The all-round simplicity of the iPUBi platform means that publishers great or small can easily utilize the services and tools it provides to better position their publications in a highly competitive market place. The benefits of using the iPUBi platform to edit, host and monitor a publication can be realized by editors.  iPUBi offers a real solution to how readership may be monitored, content placement and positioning and social media engagement.

Users' Feedback

Several companies have benefitted from using the extraordinary iPUBi platform. one company, Digital Dojos states, " We use iPUBi here and have had great results in using the editing suite to insert video and URL hyperlinks into our online publication, by far the best feature for us is the iPUBi heatmap tool, we now get to see, every month, how readers are interacting with our publications and if they are finding our content interesting, we can then react and be more focused at giving them what they are showing us they want".

Accessing the iPUBi platform for readers or publishers has never been easier. For further information or to signup visit http://www.ipubi.com

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