Iprobe -  wireless thermometer for cooking perfection
Iprobe - wireless thermometer for cooking perfection

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Smart Meat Thermometer You Only Dream About

Why does meat temperature matter?  

Any person, having some idea of ins and outs of meat cooking process, knows full well that taste and quality of a meat dish depend pretty much on how you cook it. Yes, it’s also important to choose a right slab of meat, to process it in a right way, to use proper spices and to make appropriate marinade sauce.

Still, control over the temperature inside the meat plays a major role in proper cooking. You see, different kinds of meat feature their own cooking temperature, at which all malignant bacteria are destroyed, while vitamins and taste are preserved. For a medium beef steak the temperature is about 150°F and a well done steak requires more than160°F.

Lamb tastes perfect when cooked at 185°F, while pork reveals its best flavor at 195°F. And to get delicious dishes from chicken or poultry you need the highest temperature, about 200°F. And what is the way to determine the perfect moment, when your meat is ready? How can you be sure it’s neither dried nor raw?

In the old-fashioned way you should take a knife, cut the meat and check its color and toughness. But it’s much more convenient to use a meat thermometer that shows precise temperature inside your meat.

Especially if you are about to make fish dishes...

There are meat thermometers and there is Iprobe

Yes, many of us use different types of meat thermometers to facilitate cooking process. But most of the thermometers, both mechanical and electronic, are not able to solve one great problem – they can’t relieve you from the necessity to constantly have an eye on the temperature they’re showing. None of the standard meat thermometers is capable of informing you about the moment when the inside temperature of the meat has amounted up the needed parameter, and that it is time to take the dish out of the oven or grill.  

 As a result, you have to stay in the kitchen or to haunt about the grill monitoring the process. You have no chance to leave your meal unattended and to join your family or friends in order to spend some time in their company. Sure, you may try, but then there is the risk that all the efforts to cook perfect meat will be in vain, since you can easily miss the right moment for taking the dish out. Is there any solution that can free you from the burden of watching meat while cooking it?

Yes, now you get Iprobe that is strikingly different from usual meat thermometers due to the use of advanced wireless technologies. It combines an electronic heat probe and a clever app that is downloaded to your smart phone, and completely changes your view of cooking process. You just need to insert the probe into the meat, to specify the required temperature via the app and to put the dish into the oven. You will get a massage through your smart phone when the inside temperature run up the figures specified by you.

Voila, you do not need to watch the meal and it always reaches the desired degree of doneness without being dried or burnt. You are a super chef and can cook meat as good as it’s cooked in the first class restaurants!  

Step-by-step – how it works

Prepare a cut of meat you are going to cook.

Take the probe out of the block and launch the application on your smart phone. The app supports iOS and Android based devices.

Specify the kind of meat, the size of the cut and the necessary doneness via the app.  

Insert the probe into the meat keeping in mind that it should be placed as close to the center of the cut as possible. It is important for the accuracy of the temperature measurement to place the thermometer tip right in the heart of the cut, in its thickest part. If there is a bone in the meat, the tip should not come into contact with it. Then place the meat into the oven or on the grill leaving the probe to measure both inside and ambient temperature. In fact, Iprobe features two temperature sensors, internal and external (the latter is designed for smoking and barbecue).

During the cooking target, inside and outside temperatures are displayed via the app.

The electronics inside the probe transmits data on the block, which, in turn, passes the information to the smart phone via your home Wi-Fi router. This cloud connection acts anywhere within the router coverage. Due to it, as soon as the inside temperature gets to the specified figures, the app will inform you via the smart phone by vibration, sound and message.

Just take your meat out of the oven and savour the delicious taste of the restaurant quality food!

All this can be seen in this video

10 Unbeaten advantages of Iprobe

It is cheaper than to have dinner at a nice restaurant, even if you add the expenses for purchasing meat to its cost. And you save more than once, since now you can enjoy perfectly cooked dishes every day instead of spending the budget for restaurants several times a month. iprobe with food iprobe with food You get the opportunity to accurately cook different types of meat such as tender chicken, juicy beef, smoked pork and even grilled fish. It is not a problem to cook steaks of any doneness starting from rare to well done.

Note that the application allows you to choose both a type of meat and a size of the cut to make cooking more accurate. Having the outside sensor in addition to the internal one. Iprobe is unbeatable for those types of food processing which require monitoring the temperature around the meals, like smoking.

Eventually, you need only one thermometer instead of two. It is so easy-to-use, accurate in measurements and thoughtfully designed that even a person with minimal cooking skills will be able to achieve striking results every time when using Iprobe.

Almost no culinary experience is needed to impress your family or friends by your excellent meals. This innovative meat thermometer solves a major problem for you – you do not need to spend the time on just watching cooking process. You are free to join your friends, to watch TV, to play with children or to cook something else, staying assured that Iprobe monitors the temperature for you and will let you know about the end of the cooking just in time. Leave the meat in the oven and go doing other things. You can be master of your time, because Iprobe is able to calculate the approximate time of cooking, depending on the specified parameters. The app will inform you about how much time you have, so you can spend it, for example, for making some sauce or salad to the main course.

There is no way to miss the notification as several kinds of signal are used, including a visual message, sound and vibration. In addition, you may configure the application to send the notification to some of your friends or family members you can rely on. Even if you're really engaged in something, you will not miss the moment. Don’t forget about resting! If you leave your meat in the oven for resting, it can become dry. To keep the meat juicy, allow Iprobe to monitor the temperature, and it let you know when the resting reaches its goal.

The wireless solution has a great advantage over wire meat thermometers, since the wires don’t get on your way and you may not bother that water, high temperature or physical impact can damage them. The probe wire doesn’t allow to completely cover the food during cooking, which eliminates the possibility to use certain types of heat treatment, for example, Sous Vide. In addition, the wires get dirty and it is quite difficult to clean them from grease and traces of smoke, while the wireless thermometer is easy to clean and to store.

All electronics are hidden within the thermometer and protected by a covering withstanding ambient temperature up to 375°F and internal temperature up to 165°F. This is an accurate, reliable, durable and compact meat thermometer designed with the help of the latest technology. You can choose the best Iprobe option for you! It is available in two variants of sets and in five colors: conservative black, naturally beige, delicate pink, soft gray and pure white.

Solo option includes a probe and a charger made of metal and wood with magnetic rear on the charger to provide the possibility of attaching the device to any metal surface in your kitchen. It is powered by one AAA battery and features LED indicator displaying a pairing status and battery characteristics.

A set of four probes is added by a block with an OLED display, a touch screen, a speaker and a charger powered by two AA batteries. The block can be comfortably placed on any flat surface in the kitchen and allows managing the device and receiving sound notifications without using a smart phone. Due to four probes in the set you can cook several meals at different temperatures simultaneously.


Iprobe is a smart device with a wide range of options for customization. Its stylish design perfectly fits modern kitchen environment. It is really useful and allows you freedom while providing the best results over and over again – all you have to do is to reap the benefits!


Using Iprobe in your kitchen, you will achieve perfection in cooking

 Help us back this project and your meat will never be a shame!

Risks and challenges

Meeting delivery deadlines without compromising the quality of the product is our goal as company as human being, since we all get dissapointed when your expectations wount come true or in a time you didnt expect. But working hard on this project gives us faith we'll overcome all the troubles. We are now in the late stages of the project and ready to move forward with finalizing the product and get to mass production.

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