iParty Nightlife Mobile App
iParty Nightlife Mobile App

This project has already launched.

iParty is a mobile application that is designed to locate the best nightlife party spots in a specific city or state, show who will be there, and allow users to be able to connect with others on the app based on the genre of music of their choice and where users are Checking in! Venues are filtered on the Hot Now (venue trending) section by the amount of "Check-in's" that the venues is getting, but if users are not interested in going to the "hottest spot" they can simply select a genre and it will filter venues that play that type of music so, they can find a spot that is suitable for themselves. Another cool feature we have implemented is a "DAB" feature that allows users to send a push notification to the other user that they want to gain their attention of. Sort of like a poke on facebook. Think of us, as a brand new social media tip with an opportunity to connect with partygoers with similar partying interest. We give users three options to be able to find the right venue for themselves and that is by hosting a Hot Now section, Genre section, and Distance section. This mobile app is the future because the vision we have for this idea and the traction we have gained is ridiculous! I know we all have ask the question to ourselves, "whats going on tonight?" or "where is everyone going tonight?" iParty answers that question for you! 

Our Mission is to provide the guide to the best nightlife entertainment in a city or state of your choice with a few simple clicks on our app, plus allowing users to be able to connect. We want the average partygoer and the homebody married couple to be able to answer their questions when they decide to go out and that is to show them where some spots are that best suit their interest!”

Our Vision is to be the #1 nightlife application that provides the ultimate, one stop shop for nightlife users experience where they can find where to go, reserve their spot, and pay on the app by a simple click of a button. We want to make finding a fun and suitable venue to enjoy the night at more efficient, reliable, and time saving by using the iParty app as well as engaging with that right person with a click of the DAB button!

We are raising funds for our app because we know that there is a necessity for our product and that with the right creations of features we can make partygoers life way easier! We will use the funding to go to: development of Android platform, partnership with venue management platform, social media key interaction features, gps tracking function, marketing for the app, sponsorships, salary to go full time employee, travel, and more cool features to make the app more user friendly! 

We plan to pull this idea off by adding all the key features above and growing the awareness of the app with user downloads, partnering with social media influencers, venue partnership parties, expanding to different cities and countries, building iParty memberships to give a better advantage when attending our partner venues, growing awareness and expanding the name by joining with advertising company. Once the users realize the concept, venues provide incentives for users, and awareness is aboard there is no limit to how successful this app can be because there is not a app out there providing the answers the way we do.

iParty is a beneficial tool that allows users to have a better night out if we can get the help from investors to allow us to create this resource that can provide a solution to the typical partygoer question. I really would appreciate the help and I promise we will get this app to the top because I eat, sleep, and dream this vision! Thank you!

Risks and challenges

Our major risk that can occur is the awareness of our app. If users do not know of the concept and are not willing to provide the details we will not reach the max potential. For example, if users do not check in then users will not know where it is happening in the night and then the venues will not want to be on board because there is no user engagement. Another risk that could occur is if the venues do not wish to partner with us to give incentives for our user then users will not buy in and not find a reason to Check in. Users are more engaged if they know they can receive something for Checking in. There is another risk if we do not make the app more user friendly and reliable to keep users wanting to stay on the app to find where its happening or connect, so we are actually trying to build more cool features to help users appeal more to each other.

We are able to handle these risk without a major concern if we are able to add the functionalities of implementing a GPS tracking function into the users cell phone, so that when the user is within the radius it will notify the user and ask if they would like to check in. When they select yes, it will automatically allow them to receive their incentive. If we receive the funding we will limit our risk of growing the awareness because we will marketing and partner with multiple resources like mentioned above to be able to expand the brand name and concept!

We will overcome these issues by providing the correct data information to show to venues on how many users are Checked in, new traffic that came, and potential growth in revenue. While providing this information for venues, they will be more engaged in continuing the success and providing the proper incentives that help drive traffic into their venue, plus allows users to gain an incentive for coming, find out who all is inside, and be able to purchase everything they need directly on the app!

I do not have any prior or potential projects. This is my foundation and it is up to me to prove the doubters wrong! I know this is a hot product and if I do not reach quickly I will be bypass by others.

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