Invisible Illness: Feature Documentary
Invisible Illness: Feature Documentary

This project has already launched.


Invisible Illness Film. A feature documentary of hope and resilience for and about people living with and healing from invisible illness.

Chronic pain. Lyme disease. Fibromyalgia. Diabetes. SIBO. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Endometriosis. Depression. PTSD. POTS. Hashimoto's. Infertility. Traumatic brain injury.

The list goes on and keeps growing, in the number of illnesses and amount of people affected by them.

Millions of people around the world are suffering in silence. 

In the United States alone, nearly one in two people (133 million) has a chronic medical condition. 96% of people with chronic medical conditions show no outward signs of their illness. They look healthy until you look deeper, ask questions, and take the time to listen.

These and other conditions and illnesses don't necessarily manifest themselves in such a way where you can easily see the pain a person is suffering. This often results in friends, family, and even the medical community doubting or even dismissing the individual. So not only is the illness "invisible," often the person suffering feels invisible and invalidated.

Help us give a voice to the invisible and bring this project to life. Become a backer and share this much-needed project with your friends and community. 


...people living with invisible and/or chronic illnesses, who wake up every morning “counting their spoons.” People who have lost their identity, dreams, jobs, sometimes even their friends, family and homes to the emotional, physical and financial ramifications of illness.

...people supporting those living with invisible illness, whose lives have been turned upside down as they take on the new role of support and caregiving. People who are trying to maintain career and family, while navigating complicated medical, insurance, and disability systems.

...friends, family, colleagues, and others who may know someone with a diagnosis, and not know how to support or encourage in a tangible way. People who aren’t necessarily dealing with health issues and feel confused, unclear or even curious about invisible illness, and want a practical way to show their solidarity.

The main topics for the film include:

  • Living with physical pain and chronic conditions 
  • Grieving identity loss and limitations 
  • Becoming your own advocate 
  • Vital role of caregivers and support people 
  • Working within medical and insurance systems 
  • Stigma and judgment of mental and physical illness 
  • Alternative healers and treatments 
  • Impact of stress, triggers and trauma 
  • Pain, movement, and listening to your body 
  • Creating connections and community 
  • Inspiring stories from survivors and healers 
  • Future vision of health care vs sick care
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