Film Investment Proposal for Action Thriller
Film Investment Proposal for Action Thriller


A PERFECT WEAPON is sexy thriller about a disgraced US Marshal whose pursuit of an alluring escaped terrorist is his last chance for redemption -- or the last job he'll ever do.


I am a big fan of thriller films and I have always  been so, dating all the way back to In The Heat of the Night, Bullitt, The Italian Job (1969), The Fugitive, Patriot Games and up to Inception. Being an African-American filmmaker I've noticed that, with few exceptions, these amazing movies rarely showcased people of color in leading roles. I've always read and heard that it shouldn't make a difference whether the protagonist or antagonist is black, white, red, green, purple, brown or orange.  Yet, there is a tendency in Hollywood to cast these films a very specific way? That's why I set out to write and produce a film that looks at things differently: instead of colorblind casting which often results in the status quo, I want to employ colorful casting, where I tap into the diversity that is America, but create a story environment where a character's skin color has no relevance to, or bearing on, the story. That's how I came up with "A PERFECT WEAPON."


In 2010, I wrote the script which later became "A Perfect Weapon." I wrote the screenpay as though I had adapted it from a thriller novel -- particularly one written by my favorite writer, Tom Clancy.

Fast-forward to 2012, I submitted A Perfect Weapon to JuntoBox Films and it became the most viewed film project on the site.  This collaborative film studio, chaired by Forest Whitaker, compared my script to "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and said the project was ...very sexy.”

In 2014 the script received a Recommend stating the following.

"A Perfect Weapon is a narrative that impresses most with its structure, which creates a sense of urgency and imminent contact... giving the illusion that the hunted and the hunter are almost always right on top of one another... think of Ed Tom Bell, Anton Chigurh and Llewelyn Moss’s relationship to one another in “No Country For Old Men“ [by the Coen Brothers] - this has a similar feel. The effect is thrilling."

A Perfect Weapon is much bigger than any project I've ever made. Luckily, I've found an exceptional company to design a professional film investment package and then submit it to scores of ACCREDITED FILM INVESTORS looking for a project exactly like mine.  Your financial support here is far greater than than you imagine. Your assistance provides the foundation for me to raise over half a million dollars to make my movie.

SUMMARY: In A Perfect Weapon Shey is a US Marshal with bad boy good looks and charm to match. Indefinitely suspended for fraternization, Shey is mysteriously reinstated to track down Femi, a beautiful escaped Indian/Nigerian criminal serving 25 years in prison for armed robbery. Shey, is an intuitive tracker and moves in quickly. But as he gets closer to finding Femi he discovers controversial past connections to international terrorists and mercenaries -- even CIA sponsored events in the war-torn areas of East India, Africa and the Middle East. Shey is drawn in and baited by the coquettish felon, even to the point of sexual obsession. But when Femi begins executing names from a murder-list, Shey suspects that they are both pawns in a larger international conspiracy, a game they cannot win.

Inception is done: script written, critiqued, edited and polished. DP and composers on deck. Locations researched. I even have talented and sexy actors for my leads.


I'm excited that Alimi Ballard from the hit TV show "Numb3rs" agreed to take the lead role! 

The lovely Tehmina Sunny, rising star of the critically acclaimed Ben Affleck-directed film "Argo" and TV shows, "24: Live Another Day" and "The Following" will be playing the beautifully complex Femi

Lastly, the stunning Rayna Tharani ("For Colored girls") recently joined the growing list of talent immediately after reading the script.


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