Invaders Movie
Invaders Movie

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Invaders is the story of two different characters who live a double life, they are normal citizens with their daily conventional routine, yet, one night a week, they transform into their wild alter egos as players of an illegal clandestine video game that is played physically in the streets using the Space Invaders' icon stuck to sign posts.


Olivia is a school teacher in a relationship with a lawyer who’s a bit suspicious on whether she's cheating on him, however, the truth is that at night, Olivia secretly becomes the player "Prince of Persia", the leader in the regional league of the game Invaders. Olivia needs to rise up one more level in the game in order to move onto the next phase and play in Paris for the continental league.
During one of the game’s missions, she’s ambushed by "Atari" and "Pac Man", two other players who break the game’s rules, steal her mission, crash her phone and set her upon game over. In the midst of the martial arts combat, "Prince of Persia" and "Atari" recognize each other from their diurnal lives, allowing them to put into jeopardy each other’s stability in their jobs and personal life if they were to reveal their double identities in the illegal game.
With her permanence in the game at risk, Olivia runs to the closest sticker from Space Invaders she can find in the street to save her from game over, however, she fails to succeed and is withdrawn from the game. Olivia flashes back into the initial reason why she got in the game, to overcome her depression after her ex-boyfriend broke up with her, motivating her to win her position back in the game.
Olivia visits Wallace, the game master, who’s training new comers into the game. Wallace can’t do anything to help her so she needs to start back from level zero. However, another younger player, "Zelda", who’s at level three, dares "Prince of Persia", level seven, to a combat in which she could either get back into the game for revenge that same night, or loose her reputation as the best local player.
Back in the game, "Prince of Persia" searches for "Atari", not only to win her mission back and succeed into accomplishing it by the end to that night’s round that finishes upon sunrise, but also to ensure he doesn’t mess around with her real life.


This short film could transform into a feature film or an actual game app. Video games have a negative connotation of spoiling society for creating violent fictional realities and an unhealthy lack of exercise, yet, they remain a multi billion dollar industry and a preferred choice by many to release stress.
Invaders explores this psychological need to use games as a escape & release activity in a different alternative reality that conventional society doesn't provide.
This film the concept of Ying & Yang as the way to achieve a healthy equilibrium in our lives through unleashing the wild nature we have inside our evolution, considering martial arts as a respectful way to combat and channel rage and adrenaline.
The Ying & Yang concept in this film also relates to the need we have to fit in society for our self esteem and our survival, but also, how this produces a counter response to unfold against established social limits.
Another idea this film arises is the idea of infidelity, not just related to sex but also to not being sincere and having the need to keep private certain activities you like doing.


- July- August: Ask for filming permits. Final storyboards.
- September: Casting for English actors. Design VFX. Book Equipment. Fulfill corresponding rewards to crowdfund supporters.
- October: Cast training for martial arts routine. Crew confirmation. Wardrobe fittings. Art department prepping. General rehearsals.
November: 3 day shoot (Dates TBC). Fulfill corresponding rewards to crowdfund supporters.
-November - December: Editting.
December: Premiere. Send short film to festivals for 2018. Send corresponding rewards to crowdfund supporters.

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