Introducing the Fascinating World of Vietnamese Coffee
Introducing the Fascinating World of Vietnamese Coffee

 Farmers Blend Coffee is dedicated to bring the exciting world of Vietnamese Coffee to the world. Why? Because for us it is one of the most exciting coffee cultures around where diversity, enjoying and taking time are the center of this unique way, consuming our most favorite beverage.

To ensure a high quality coffee experience like no other, we are working with local Farmers in the Highlands of Vietnam. We established relationships with coffee farmers and their families, not only to have consistently excellent coffee for you, but also to ensure increasing income and increasing improvements of the local living standards. All our raw materials are direct farm traded to offer a unique coffee experience.

a couple days after our Amazon Launch in 2016
a couple days after our Amazon Launch in 2016




My name is Dietmar and I am the owner of Farmers Blend Coffee. 8 years ago I came to Vietnam due to a job offer in my previous profession, the hospitality industry. Having very little free time back than (and I still don’t have J ) I went regularly to the highlands of Vietnam which was only a short and adventures motorbike ride away. Coming to the Highlands, you will see coffee farms as far as you eye can see, it is a really impressive sight which is difficult to explain, the smell, the people and the shirr beauty of the natural surroundings.  Over time the coffee bug bite me and I got more and more interested, I learned more about coffee farming thru the help of local farmers, the roasting process and the culture.  In November 2014 I took the plunge and officially created Farmers Blend Coffee Ltd. with the mission to introduce this exciting culture to the world. And here we are….


SEPTEMBER 2015 – voted under the TOP 10 Startups in Vietnam

JANUARY 2016 – first Export Shipment to Amazon in the US

NOVEMBER 2016  - entering an agreement with Amazon Exclusive

FEBRUARY 2017 – signed contract with a German Distributor

some advertising we did for our amazon launch.
some advertising we did for our amazon launch.



Vietnam is currently the World’s 2nd largest coffee producer aiming for 26 Mio, 60kg bags of green coffee, all exported around the world. The French introduced coffee in the 1870s and it continuously grew to one of the most profitable industries in Vietnam. Obviously, like in any coffee producing country there is a special way of enjoying the “black gold”.

When the French introduced coffee to Vietnam, milk was a very precious good and hard to get by the general population. Since Vietnamese are very inventive, sweetened condense milk was a common substitute for milk. Not only because it had a much longer shelf life, but also the sweetness of the milk perfectly balanced out the bitterness of the Robusta Coffee. Depending on the Region you live in Vietnam, people drink it either as ice coffee (Ca Phe Sua Da) where as in the North it is most commonly enjoyed hot. Another difference is that Vietnamese use a so-called Phin to extract or brew the coffee. This contraption consist of 3 sometimes 4 parts, a chamber, a tamper and a lid. It’s made for single serve coffee as well as large quantities (they are available in various sizes). They key difference is that first, Vietnamese love strong coffee, so an average of 20g coffee grounds per serving is used on a small amount of water. Once you start the brewing process, you can lean back and enjoy live. The brewing can take up to a few minutes per cup, the water extracts all aromas and flavors of the coffee, slowly dripping onto a bed of sweetened condense milk which in itself is already relaxing experience as it creates a wonderful color contrast.  Once you ad ice cubes, you will have a wonderful desert coffee, perfect for hot days.

Vietnamese Coffee Culture is the complete opposite of our western way of drinking coffee. It is more of a celebration and ceremony rather than a necessity. 

Please support our mission by pledging our campaign, spreading the word and share. Every little affords to bring this great coffee culture to the people is very much appreciated.

The Artistic Side of Vietnamese Coffee
The Artistic Side of Vietnamese Coffee


The kickstarter is setup with a goal of 4.000 Euro which we would need to setup a company structure. We have already moved into a new roasting facility 1 month ago, now we are looking to extend our staff members and distribution channels to become a truly amazing Vietnamese Coffee Company.


Our slogan is “proudly made in Vietnam” and all our ingredients are made here. From the packaging, the design as well as our staff all is proudly coming from Vietnam. We would need the funds to be able to supply the demands and to stock up on inventory and of course fulfill your pledges.  


We are producing 230km outside of Ho Chi Minh City in a small town called Phan Thiet (also a nice tourist destination if you plan to visit). 

 At the moment we can produce 2.500 kg per month and we employee 3 Vietnamese Staff, which are with us from almost the very beginning.

Living in Vietnam, we overcame quite a few obstacles already and we continue to love this wonderful country and the people, with it's utmost fascinating coffee culture. Join us on this journey, you are more than welcome and very likely will love the coffee experience as well.


If you like what we do, choose one of our rewards, pledge, share, comment and follow us. We are already fully setup for fulfillment and you can expect your delicious Farmers Blend Coffee within 1.5 month after the project is completed (and hopefully fully funded).

What Flavors do we produce at the moment:

1. Our Vietnamese Blend - a traditional Coffee Blend, which is dark roasted and marinated" with butter and a dash of rum. The perfect Coffee for the perfect Vietnamese experience. Best enjoyed with with sweetened condense milk.

2. The wakeup call, our Breakfast Blend - a blend of medium roasted Robusta & Arabica Coffee, whereas you get the strength and Caffeine of the Robusta balanced with the aroma of high quality Arabica beans.

3. The Italian Espresso - we create the Espresso Blend to proof a point. Our mission was to show that Vietnam is capable of producing first class coffee without compromises. The perfect Cream and Aroma combined with the unique flavors of Vietnam is the Signature of our Espresso Blend.



Risks and challenges

Once the Kickstarter Campaign has ended, hopefully with success, we are working with a Hong Kong based fulfillment center to get all perks to each and every backer.

We have already established this relationship and only need to start producing more of our delicious coffee. Our factory is up to now only 25% fully used, so we have definitely room for more order to ensure a smooth transaction once the Kickstarter has ended.

We also have already every paperwork ready and are FDA certified to be able to import into the United States as well as Europe.

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