International Wildlife Bond
International Wildlife Bond

IWB’s Platform Concept

IWB will be an animal welfare charity at ‘go-live’ of the first application of the planned IWB platform, November 2015. The approach IWB is pursuing with the development of IWB platform’s creation is a novel one - bringing animal protection/conservation ideas and funding together under a new concept, a dedicated platform where the every participant on the platform has a potential say to direct IWB's projects and the actions IWB undertakes.

Creating IWB's New Software

The funds IWB initially seeks to raise via Prefundia (and Kick Starter) is for the creation of bespoke software (and only this prerequisite software). The software is required for IWB’s intended, on-line platform. If the platform is successful, the licensing will be rolled out to share with others in applicable applications.

Of course, any excess funds raised will be used by IWB to subsidies the referenced software’s wider availability (and no such funds used for any other charitable purpose, i.a.w. Kick Starter’s Rules).

IWB believes that far more can be done to protect the World's Animal Kingdom. Which is why IWB wants to launch a new on-line platform to bring animal welfare 'ideas' and 'funds' together in a crowd funding environment (under a charity umbrella).

As Prefundia and Kick Starter have demonstrated, the best ideas can come from 'unusual' sources - so IWB's platform will be an all embracing platform where ideas can be submitted for consideration. IWB's Trustees, with expert guidance will assess submitted ideas and 'recommend' the best ideas.

The funding of 'recommended' ideas will require IWB's community's 'crowd funding approval/backing (backed by IWB's additional funds as appropriate).

The Threat IWB Wants to Confront

Many of the world’s animal species are under grave threat. Rhinoceros are illegally poached every day for their horns to make ‘hypothetical’ medicines; rhinoceros populations are critically endangered. Elephants are brutally killed for their tusks by poachers. In South Africa alone 3 to 4 lions are killed by 'Trophy Hunters' every day, when lion populations in the wild are dwindling. Many animals are under constant threat, abuse and maltreatment.

International Wildlife Bond (IWB) - IWB Website

IWB wishes to take a constructive (with your initial input) approach to help protect the planet’s Animal Kingdom. IWB will bring more force to bear on the anti-poaching, anti-Trophy and anti-‘Canned’ Hunting campaigns, including developing new technology and approaches to apply.

IWB will be an on-line platform where ideas for wildlife protection, conservation and potential funding can meet. IWB will be a dedicated 'community' arena for animal welfare projects. Anyone that uses the IWB platform will be able to submit ideas for assessment by IWB, then 'vote' on proposed IWB projects under consideration.
IWB will manage 'green-lighted' projects to fruition, adding further funding as appropriate.

IWB's 'community' will be rewarded with loyalty points (Wildlife Points) in return for their commitment. Wildlife Points can be redeemed to support project ideas on IWB's platform.

How can you help IWB?

We need to raise funds via Kick Starter to help cover the initial start-up costs of International Wildlife Bond’s (IWB’s) software development.
These funds will ensure IWB’s planned on-line platform can reach ‘go-live' in the near future. The software can then be shared elsewhere under license.


- IWB was Constituted on 18 August 2015 as a Foundation Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). IWB will be regulated by the UK Charity Commission and registered with Companies House (UK) – Hopefully, there is very little risk of IWB’s CIO recognition being denied.

- IWB has its required software for the planned IWB platform already under development (with the costs being taken at risk by the software developer (Lolly Rewards), plus a pre-set IWB Software License Agreement already established in principle).

-The (provisional) IWB Platform ‘go-live’ date set is for November 2015, but this is dependent on successful software testing, acceptance and licensing.

- The Charity Commission will be IWB’s regulatory body, with IWB Wildlife Bond rewards to its ‘customers’ based in loyalty points (Wildlife Points) rather than monetary rewards (where monetary rewards could be deemed as an ‘investment’).

- Once IWB is established, then IWB's work will be to pursue meaningful animal protection and conservation projects (where the inherent risks have been identified and mitigated as far as possible).

- Some of IWB's projects will be based on technological development, where partnerships with academics and other enterprises will be sought to mitigate the project risks. Of course, any project's success is subject to funding risk (where a given project's potential for 'cost escalation' will be mitigated and managed by IWB).

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