International goat’s milk mega farm CAPELLA
International goat’s milk mega farm CAPELLA

Good day! We’re a team of like-minded persons from Volgograd, Russia.

The idea of ecologically clean nutrition unites us.

Dear sponsors, we ask you to take an active participation in developing our mutual project.

About us

We’d like to present you our project. 

The point of our project is to create high-tech, organic farms for producing goat's milk with 7 to 10 thousand goats.

Nubian goats

Saanen goats 

Certainly you have a question, why goat's milk?

 Goat's milk and its products are rich in vitamins which are necessary for vital activity from the infants to the adulthood. Goat’s milk is rich in calcium, which’s essential for a formation of a baby skeleton and for maintaining bone health in adulthood. Goat’s milk contains a lot of important elements for vital activity.


Nowadays there are situations when a mother doesn't have enough milk and she has to use an artificial feeding with baby’s formulas for her baby.
According to the facts of World Health Organization UN about 40% babies suffer from allergies to cow's milk and a choice of infant formula will influence on baby’s health. Goat's milk is hypoallergenic and closest in composition to human milk, that allows you to use it as the basis for dry formulas.

Swiss mountain resorts were famous for the fact of using goats milk which helped to cure people suffering from rickets, phthisis, anemia. This product was helpful for people in spite of gender and age. In particularly goat’s milk is especially helpful for diathesis, stomach diseases and the eyesight,  for the treatment of bone demineralization.
Goat’s milk compares favorably with the milk of other animals including cow's milk. The goat’s milk includes much more a potassium which is needed for normal activity of a circulatory system.

What is needed and what you'll get:

At this stage we need:

  • To purchase tribal goats of high productivity. 

                 400 Saanen goats = 400000 $ USA

                 400 Nubian goats = 400000 $ USA

  • To purchase high-tech agricultural machinery

                 Combines, tractors = 500 000 $ USA

  • To purchase the equipment for milk processing:

                 Mini Dairy factory and everything which is necessary for successful        breeding of livestock = 600000 $ USA

  • To construct farms for the goats breeding = 554 000 $ USA

Total sum: 2 454 000 $ USA


If we collect these 40,000$ USA,we can begin to draft the farm, if we collect the 

amount of 140,000 $ USA , we plan to buy agricultural machinery.

If we soberme more - we can buy goats.



All of these will be purchased in countries with goat’s development: Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe and Asia.


After accumulating money and launching the farm, all results and the formation of the farm you can see on YouTube and on our website.

The main idea of the project is that 10% of the farm income will be transfer to crowdfunding platforms for supporting similar eco-projects. These actions also will be reflected on YouTube and on our website.

If we don't reach our entire goal, we are going to attract investment, to look for other methods of obtaining the desired amount.

The influence

Many countries don’t have enough of goat’s milk. The health of our children and generation depends on it.
Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of produced dry formulas for baby food, popularization of goat’s milk and a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet.

We also plan to produce nutritional supplements of protein lactoferrin, it will allow people to improve immunity and cure many diseases.

Risks and possible problems

It’ll be difficult to collect the tribal goats because they are in different countries. But we have preliminary agreements with companies in Canada, Netherlands and Germany, for the supply the tribal goats.Creating the farm of such scale requires a lot of efforts because it's the daily work. And we are ready to work without holidays and weekends.  

Our promise

We will do our the best we can to make sure that we produce the best product for you.  

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can't help out by selecting a perk at this time, you can still help us by sharing this campaign. Dear friends, we also ask you to inform community about our project to find people who are interested in it and want to participate.

God help us.

Best regards,

Valery Buynov, Evgeny Durin. 

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