Interference free music cabling including earphones
Interference free music cabling including earphones

Xcyte Cables is the best kept secret in music cables. The only company that can guarantee cabling 100% free of external interference. Our earphones offer the clearest sound of all other brands whilst our speaker cables for home theatres or commercial premises improve sound clarity like no other brand can.

However Xcyte Cables is not just satisfied with offering great music cables and improving listening experiences around the world. Coming soon is energy efficient electrical cables. This cable technology is literally a game changing technology that can benefit every single business and consumer in the world. Seeing is believing with the technology Xcyte will introduce to the world. We will Xcyte the world!

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* To keep up to date with the latest news and developments

* If you have a specific need for improved sound cables

* Need energy efficient electrical cables

* Need improved sound in your commercial music venue

* Need improved Bluetooth and wireless devices

Xcyte is NOT just another music cable, it is a new technology that improves sound!

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