Interactive Feature Film
Interactive Feature Film

Revolution 10 is an interactive sci-fi drama feature film. Experience the film’s narrative by use of a brainwave sensing headset and accompanying software (video player developed by Myndplay).


Ok, I'm intrigued. What's the story?

After waking up in the middle of a forest with no memory of who he is, let alone how he got there, Sal uses his gut instinct and the single piece of ID in his wallet to try to string together what happened to him, and more importantly, why? Sal's destiny falls into place when he discovers why he has amnesia.

See a more detailed synopsis  as well as more about the characters on our website:

As you watch the film there will be interactive points that will come up throughout the story, which will also be displayed on the video player interface.

Your intuitive responses to what you are seeing on screen will change the way you experiences the story. There is a direct impact of the electrical signals of your pre-frontal cortex on the narrative path.

The story experience is different for each person depending on his or her brain activity in the moments when the interactivity points occur.


Read about it in more detail on MyndPlay's website:


Revolution 10 will push the boundaries of how stories are told and allow people to experience film in a new way.

We have big plans for Revolution 10, and we need your help to see it become a reality.

We hope that you will join us on this revolutionary journey!

By helping to fund this film, you will be a part of a new wave of entertainment. Be a part of a film that is the first of its kind!

We have been developing this project for over two years and we are excited to finally produce it and share it with the world :)


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