InsideCoach - Smart Soccer Ball Trainer
InsideCoach - Smart Soccer Ball Trainer

We are thrilled to bring this product to fruition. We are integrating the latest technology within a soccer ball, to help young athletes stay motivated and develop their skills. And why not have the whole family get out and play more?  

We are building different skill levels and challenges on our mobile app compatible with iOS and Android to help the player develop specific skills and build a profile to take wherever they go.

Our main desire is to encourage kids to stay active. 70% of kids stop playing sports by age 13. There are many reasons why they stop, but the big one is, “it stops being fun”. We want to change that and we would like you to be part of that, too. Kids love video games as an alternative to playing sports because is fun and challenging, so we want to provide that experience with InsideCoach’s smart soccer ball.


 The soccer ball contains motion detection technology. We detect data such as force, trajectory, spin and use it to provide you with important coaching cues that help a player improve. The smart soccer ball connects by WiFi to your iPhone or Android smart device for long range connection and real time data transfer. It recharges wirelessly by resting on  Qi pad technology. If Wi-Fi is not available you will still be able to connected.


Coming soon on kickstarter!

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