Innovative exercise equipment developed by Symmetry Central
Innovative exercise equipment developed by Symmetry Central

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My name is Michael Moschel. I am Symmetry Central's CEO. We have developed exercise equipment, based on tetrahedron biomechanics, that improves muscular balance and builds strength without leverage

Our SKY PRESSCYCLE was introduced at IHRSA 2017. We were at booth 339 where we created a buzz, intrigue, and excitement among fitness industry experts and among athletes who experienced our SKY PRESSCYCLE. Innovative exercise equipment developed by Symmetry Central is based on Tetrahedron Biomechanics, which is the systematic biomechanical interaction of the muscular skeletal system.

In Tetrahedron Biomechanics parts of the body are conceptualized as an interconnected series of three-dimensional pyramids called tetrahedrons. When any of these tetrahedrons act — or are acted upon — the shapes above and below it are affected. This discovery led to Symmetry Central’s patented exercise equipment. 


SKY PRESSCYCLE is an exercise machine designed to target the middle of the Pectorals Major muscle, when used with shoulder width grip by symmetrically rotating the user’s legs through a peddle mechanism. While the user performs vertical weight lifts, that mechanism causes the body to alternate evenly instead of focusing on its natural bias towards one side over the other side of the body. This rebalancing causes an even strengthening of the Pectorals Major muscle. Strength based on Tetrahedron Biomechanics is defined as strength that utilizes the whole muscle in an efficient manner to help protect the body from damage while increasing systemic and regional strength and muscular balance.Symmetry Central’s equipment is specifically designed to build DEEP, BALANCED, POWER by confusing the body in a way that prevents the body from forming an unhealthy pattern of adaptation. 

The SKY PRESSCYCLE machines do not allow for improper positioning of the body. Users do not have the ability to compensate and therefore must perform the exercise correctly. This exercise equipment based on Tetrahedron Biomechanics allows users to build strength beyond belief, improve posture and treat muscular imbalance. The retail price of the SKY PRESSCYCLE is  $3495.00 during this campaign you receive $1000.00 discount and can purchase the SKY PRESSCYCLE for $2495.00. 

Our quest to form Symmetry Central has faced many challenges along the way. We utilized a few different groups of engineers to finally get the design correct and to Set up manufacturing that is dependable. Finally, the last challenge to delve into full production is raising capital so we can fill orders and be customer service oriented. 

You can make a real difference in the lives of people around the world. Help Symmetry Central have a profound impact on people who use our SKY PRESSCYCLE and experience DEEP, BALANCED, POWER. Help us help people around the world experience this unique and extremely effective technology. You will be able to say I had a part in revolutionizing the fitness industry.

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