"The Key to Hell Lies Deep In Your Heart"

INNER GHOSTS is a horror story unlike anything you've seen in a long time.  INNER GHOSTS is a scary ride into the heart of a woman who's about to face a longtime enemy - a demon in the making - for the last time. What brings these two characters together is the center of this amazing story.


Helen used to be a gifted medium until her daughter killed herself, turning her into a broken woman who vowed never again to comunicate with the dead. Today, fifteen years after that tragedy, Helen is trying to find a way to develop a revolutionary therapy that will help doctors communicate with the living souls of Alzheimer's patients whose brains no longer respond. Her theory is simple: "if ghosts can function and remember who they were, even though they lack a physical brain, then the brain is not the only place where we store key information about ourselves. The soul is the key." In order to test her theory, she must run a few tests on real ghosts. But to do that she must break her vow and return to her old life as a medium. To assist her, she is training two young women in the old Art of communicating with the other side... only to discover that an evil entity has been looking for her in all these years... for one reason you'll never guess!

Great horror stories are subversive. They show us things about the universe around us and ourselves that many times we are not expecting to face. They tell us the truth other genres try to hide. Great horror stories leave no one indifferent.

INNER GHOSTS is one of those stories.


We are hardcore horror fans and we want to produce a horror feature film that will speak into the the souls of discerning horror fans like us. We want to scare you, shock you and fascinate you with the most powerful elements the human mind ever created: stories, characters and drama. And we did it! In 2014, INNER GHOSTS was financed on pitch by a group of people who believed in our vision.

Yes, we are making the film (shooting starts mid-March, 2015) and it's gonna be beyond our wildest dr... err... nightmares!

But in order to get to you, our audience, such an ambitious project as INNER GHOSTS needs a few tools that will help us get the best sales agent and the best distributors all over the world.

These tools are called "sound deliverables".

Every serious horror fan knows how crucial sound is to horror films. From older classics like ROSEMARY'S BABY to modern ones like THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, sound is key to a great horror experience. Unfortunately, a sound mix in a professional studio costs a lot of money. And the same goes to foley services, music recording and additional sound-related stuff we must have if you want to experience INNER GHOSTS as well as we created it. We worked hard to give you a horror story that will make your jaw drop (really!). We are fully commited to the project and we humbly ask for your help.

We are going to shoot the film, edit it and try to get it as far as we can, until we get to those sound deliverables we need. And then we'll have to stop.

Help us. Please.

To make it easier, we'll launch a Kickstarter campaign with some REVOLUTIONARY rewards you must check. They are a well-protected secret for now (just like our story). If we told you, we would have to kill you.

So... don't ask! :-)

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