** Off/On Grid Indoor Lighting **
** Off/On Grid Indoor Lighting **

InLightergy is developing a patent pending fully integrated illumination system that contains its own renewable clean power source, stores the power for nighttime indoor lighting applications and utilizes a high efficiency LED light source capable of delivering hours of light bright enough to comfortably light an entire office, conference room, lobby, hallway, greenhouse and beyond. The product can be programmed to deliver optimum lighting for an application while providing the most cost effective and energy efficient solution.

The InLightergy illumination System is designed to be integrated into walls of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings in place of and/ or adjacent to windows and skylights. The product can be a plug-n-play retrofit to an existing window or skylight within a building, or designed into new building construction.  Check out the variety of applications!


Off Grid Locations


Hospitals & Hotels


Greenhouses & Factory Floors

We are launching our Kickstarter fans & team event in March 2014. Join us in commercializing the product, and to become one of our first customers by getting involved!  We have built and tested our first prototype. We invite you to learn more about what we do and would be honored to earn your support. 

Visit Inlightergy.com for more information.

Model 24 Prototype - Standard size module for installation into existing window frames/openings. Provides enough interior lighting for a conference room, cabin room, recreation room, lobby or a 2 car garage. Product strengths include ease of use, out of box ready installation.


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