This project has already launched.

For people who are passionate about body ink, each tattoo is meaningful. Each tattoo carries with it a significance, a memory, a connection with something else. No tattoo is ever just a tattoo: it is always more. When body ink enthusiasts and their friends talk about their tattoos, the conversation is always a spirited one. “This one is for my grandmother.” “Did I ever tell you how I got this one?” You can learn a lot about a person simply by looking at their body ink. That much is apparent. Also, just like any other hobby, body ink is a thing over which people often bond.

Yes, body ink enthusiasts enjoy spending time with other body ink enthusiasts, talking for hours on end about the tattoos they plan on getting, the tattoos they already have, the tattoos they have seen on other people. It is a complex, intricate subject, one that lends itself well to discussion. Roll up your sleeves or flip over your wrist: that memento of yours is also a great conversation starter. Again, this too is apparent. What is less apparent, however, is who has a tattoo, as not all tattoos are so visible, and when a tattoo is not right out in the open, body ink enthusiasts can have a hard time identifying each other.

In solution to this problem and in response to the dual crazes of social media and online dating, our team has been hard at work developing a community just for body ink enthusiasts. We call it One of the main features of this community will be our dating platform, giving body ink enthusiasts the platform to find love over their interest in tattoos. is going to be more than that, though: it will be a place where all body ink enthusiasts can share their stories in an environment of respect and appreciation. It will be host to an online store, with products hand-picked and curated with body ink enthusiasts in mind. In the tattoo directory and events portal, we will offer display advertising to tattoo parlors, artist and other applicable companies. We will also feature tattoo contests and much, much more, all designed to keep body ink enthusiasts connecting with one another and getting the most out of the art they go to bed with.

Right now, we are turning to you, Kickstarter, for help raising $12,000. This startup capital is going to help cover the costs of mobile application completion shown in the video above. Any additional funds will help with refined development, marketing and initially operating, a unique community for body ink enthusiasts the world over. While we project our 1st year operating expenses to exceed $150,000; every dollar helps. Your contributions will make this new social media platform possible. Whether you are Inked or Not, share and/or appreciate body ink, this is place for you. We thank you!

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