INIE Belt: Smart and Fashionable Belt monitors your health
INIE Belt: Smart and Fashionable Belt monitors your health

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5 key features of INIE BELT:  

1) Track your walking 
Count and record every step you take. Keep your health in shape with INIE BELT.  

2) Track your sitting 
Wonder how long you spend sitting down throughout the day. INIE BELT will tell you how long how you had been lazing around and being idle.  

3) No more missed phone call  
You with no longer missed your phone calls. With the built-in vibration mechanism of our INIE BELT, we will alert you whenever a phone call is received.     

4) Prevent losing your phone 
You won’t lose your phone again. INIE BELT will alert you whenever your phone is out of sight from you.  

5) Long battery life 
Save yourself from constantly charging up your device. With our compact high capacity 1400mAh battery, the INIE BELT can function over 2 years without a charge.  


Automatic Tracking  

Simply put on the belt and tracking will start automatically. View your statistics via your compatible Android and iOS devices.

Track Walking Steps 

Walking is one of the simplest low impact exercises that everyone can enjoy. Take a stroll with a pedometer embedded into the INIE Belt, every step you take is counted. We will track your steps and tell you exactly how much calories you have burnt each day.

Track Sitting Time

Sit Less, Move More. Research shows that prolonged sitting has its own health risk. Stay active by tracking your active vs. inactive time using our INIE BELT. With the built-in “Time to Move” alert, we will alert you whenever there is a long period of inactivity. The inactivity period is easily configurable via our app provided. Note: Sitting detection will include any stationary state such as standing.

Prevent Phone Lost

Lots of people lost their phones after a big night out, leaving their phones on a restaurant table after a meal or simply misplace their phones at home. The INIE BELT will vibrate whenever you are physically away from your phone for over 8 to 10 meters.

Prevent Miss Phone Call

Sometimes when you are walking on the street, put the phone inside the pocket or bag, you will not feel the phone vibration or hear the ring. By wearing the smart belt, you will not miss any call again. You will feel the vibration from the belt and aware of the incoming call. It is an optional function and you can also turn it off if you don't need it.

Two battery options

1) Rechargeable battery  
Battery on INIE BELT can last up to 30 days. Without constantly charging, one full charge can last up to 30 days (varies by usage). To charge the battery, simply connect INIE BELT through USB port.

2) Built-in replaceable battery
With the built-in compact and long lasting 1400mAh battery, INIE Belt can function up to 2 years without a battery change.


INIE Mobile Applicaiton

One simple screen to track your steps, sitting/idle time, distance travelled and caloric loss. Know where you stand are and get inspired to move more.

Automatic Buckle

So what are you waiting for?

Contribute to this project and take away your reward, also be part of this miraculous journey to make this great product successful!

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