Infinity in one object - chairs, beds, benches, tables even toys for kids. One of a kind design solu
Infinity in one object - chairs, beds, benches, tables even toys for kids. One of a kind design solu

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What is SPYNTEX ?

SPYNTEX is a versatile self-assembly household product made from a number of unified interlocking bars. Built around a seating concept, SPYNTEX offers complete design freedom and can be transformed into an amazing range of stylish and practical items such as furniture, home accessories and even toys!

SPYNTEX brings a totally new concept of intelligent design for modern living! 

Inspired by the award-winning SPYNDI concept, SPYNTEX develops the philosophy further through the development of an affordable yet uniquely innovative product made from 100% recyclable composite materials. Incredible flexibility makes SPYNTEX the ideal solution for everyone – bringing style, design and creativity to any space.


The SPYNTEX concept sets a new benchmark in ‘green’ furnishing without compromising either quality or design. It is not only an Earth-friendly product but also a trendsetter in the contemporary furniture industry combining modern aesthetics with remarkable durability.

More about SPYNTEX

Perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, SPYNTEX has a smooth surface that is pleasing to the touch and yet is long lasting, water-resistant and immensely strong. Adult and Kids’ versions blend together harmoniously whilst allowing customisable colours and personalised design so all the family can find their ideal solution.


Adult set: 16 short (185 mm) and 45 long (555 mm) (in total 61) bars.

Kids set: 16 short (92 mm) and 25 long (370 mm) (in total 41) bars.

Approx. weight of one set: Adult set - 18 kg; Kids set - 6 kg.

Durability: water-resistant with the ability to carry up to 160Kg.

Colours: a choice of 9 colours that work perfectly together and allow even more space for creativity. Every family member can pick their own favourite colour without compromising the colour harmony of the overall set.


Helpful SPYNTEX app will be developed with these features:

  • Create original SPYNTEX designs
  • Test the design functionality of your furniture
  • Browse a user-generated design library to find your ideal furniture model  
  • Use step-by-step guide to recreate your favourite furniture designs   
  • Share your models with the SPYNTEX community
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Why SPYNTEX is awesome?

Versatile and extremely practical, SPYNTEX is the ideal household product created for both indoor and outdoor use. SPYNTEX is affordable, reliable and stylish – making a genuinely unique feature in any space 

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Make your video accessible in other languages and to deaf and hard-of-hearing backers.

The SPYNTEX goal is to bring product design to another level! It is so much more than a piece of furniture – SPYNTEX is an intelligent personalised design solution for smarter living.




Is it for your family?

Each family has its own reason for buying a new product. Here are the benefits that SPYNTEX can bring to you:

Space & Money Saver

Consisting of loose elements SPYNTEX, can be assembled into an armchair, chaise longue, partition, stool, piece of sports equipment, kids slide … – the possibilities stretch as far as your imagination. Tired of what you have – no problem, just build something else.


SPYNTEX arouses your imagination and develops creativity. You are free to construct whatever you want, no fear of mistakes, nothing can go wrong! Don’t like the result? Just take it apart and try again. The only correct solution is the one you are happy with. Tinkering with SPYNTEX means enjoying dreaming, sharing ideas and collaborating in order to create something unique, outstanding, exciting and unpredictable. Moreover, it stimulates the development of design and engineering skills while promoting a sense of style and spatial awareness. Most importantly SPYNTEX provides an exciting and never-ending journey of creativity.




Entertainer & Trainer

The assembly is so easy and fun that even a child can do it! Whilst it can be an amazing journey of personal creativity, SPYNTEX can also bring families and friends together in developing their own unique environment. The construction is an immersive process allowing the creation of something that is not only stylish and beautiful but also practical and useful making the process even more fun and satisfying! While the assembly is a ‘piece of cake’, it still requires you to get up from the couch and do it. 

Take your SPYNTEX and start your playful workout for body and brain!


SPYNTEX is for everyone!

Now everyone can design furniture – the only thing you need is SPYNTEX.

Creativity is the key that opens many doors in life. It becomes more and more important to stimulate and develop our creativity continuously.

SPYNTEX is family friendly and, because of its simple assembly, everyone, including children, can participate in building the set. It fits perfectly into different environments and owners’ moods.

Here on Kickstarter we present all our best SPYNTEX ideas for the friendliest Early Bird price!


SPYNTEX adventure for kids

A meaningful kinesthetic game for children and also fun for adults!

Any set of SPYNTEX is extremely easy to use and absolutely magical, because it allows creating numerous practical things, including toys!


Kids build, test constructions, learn to read and follow instructions, count pieces, use logical thinking, train their motor skills, work hard using both brain and body to create a piece of practical art that they can use, enjoy and which can be appreciated by others!

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It is important for kids to learn that knowledge, creativity, logic and hard work might lead to practical results that brings the admiration of others.

The whole process looks and feels like a fun game, but it is not just that! – It’s a dream come true for kids because it can serve as real furniture for adults that kids can freely play with. Kids can easily handle the DIY concept – from now on the only thing they need is SPYNTEX!


Product development 

For our product development we are officially using a protected design and co-operating with the team of original idea owners – the SPYNDI creators. The SPYNDI concept gained huge attention and incredible support after the Kickstarter in July but the materials and production methods make it very exclusive and luxurious, which is not affordable for everyone.

Wishing to bring the concept to all, we developed this patented design and technology further. The product prototyping process is long and extremely complicated. We went through major steps investigating materials and engineering SPYNTEX but there is still a huge amount of work left on perfecting the product and optimising the manufacture.



Idea evolution 
Idea evolution

Free SPYNTEX app

SPYNTEX takes the SPYNDI concept to another level! Even though the patented technology and construction method created by SPYNDI designer Mindaugas Zilionis is so simple that it might be called genius, it makes it even easier to assemble endless number of shapes with a new free SPYNTEX APP.

Designing furniture has never been so easy! 
Designing furniture has never been so easy!

The SPYNTEX app is the next generation 3D design simulator for SPYNTEX furniture combining virtual and real product experience into one. It enables users to virtually build original furniture designs as well as discover pre-made models that can be recreated in reality. Developed due to the unique nature of DIY furniture, the SPYNTEX app not only simplifies and speeds up the design process but also connects creative people allowing them to name and share their original designs within the community.

How does it work?

Easy to create and construct

Just take the bars out of the box and start to slide them together according to the manual or better still guided only by your imagination. You can use the free SPYNTEX app for assembly assistance or inspiration. Just take the challenge to create something outstanding and unique by yourself and then share your creation on the platform, inspire others and share the beauty and excitement with the world.


So simple a young child can do it! All you have to do is slide one element into another. Each element has 2 different sides. If you want to create a curved shaped surface you slide the elements together with the short sides upon each other, and if you want to create a straight surface you flip one element and slide the long side upon the short side - that's it. You are ready to start creating.








Time line of project development


Our Team

We are a team of motivated young professionals, who have an unshakeable belief that SPYNTEX is an absolutely great product to bring to the market. We live with a passion for innovation and new product development, we enjoy challenges and live for working. We are the kind of workaholics who are turned on by developing ingenious ideas and sharing them with the world.


Why do we need your support?

SPYNTEX manufacturing requires a significant investment. In order to be able to manufacture this innovative and unique product at an acceptable cost and bring it to the market for an affordable price, we need to fulfil minimum manufacturing order volumes.

Costly supply chain and other costs mean that products usually land on retail shelves at a price far higher that the manufacturing cost. That's why for all our backers we offer SPYNTEX at a manufacturing price and for Early Birds even lower. We guarantee that this will be the best deal you will ever get for a SPYNTEX product. The opportunity will never be repeated.

We strongly believe that the SPYNTEX concept deserves to find its place amongst most recognised and innovative design brands and concepts We invite you to become a part of this tremendously challenging and exciting journey, to become part of this design and engineering revolution.











Please choose the REWARDS

Here we are only showing sample colours and you don't need to choose any colour at the time of backing the project. Take your time to decide. If we reach our goal you will have the opportunity to choose from the full SPYNTEX colour pallet in one month after the end of Kickstarter.



Christmas certificate for each reward!

Christmas is on the way think about SPYNTEX when you are looking for sensible presents for your beloved people! 


The fine print

International Backers

We are re proud to have SPYNTEX fans all over the world. We will ship SPYNTEX worldwide, with the exception of Cuba Aland Islands, Antarctica, Bouvet Island, British Indian Ocean Territory, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Cuba, Equatorial Guinea, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), French Southern Territories, Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands, Holy See (Vatican City State), Iran, Islamic Republic of, Isle of Man, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of, Nauru, Netherlands Antilles, Niue, Norfolk Island, Pitcairn, Saint Helena, Saint-Martin (French part), Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Sao Tome and Principe, Somalia, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, South Sudan, Sudan, Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands, Syrian Arab Republic (Syria), Tokelau, United States Minor, Outlying Islands Western Sahara. Please note that you will be responsible for duties, fees and taxes applicable to your region.

Estimated Delivery

All rewards have the same estimated shipment month. Though we do not expect this to change, it is possible that the estimated shipment date may shift so we will provide an update with any changes as early as possible if they should occur.


We stand firmly behind our products. Each SPYNTEX product includes a 30 days (after you receive it) money back guarantee and minimum 2 year limited warranty.

Need help? We're here for you.

If you have questions at any time, during or after the campaign has closed, you can always reach us at

Risks and challenges:

We have done our very best to forecast demand and create a solid production plan. Pre-production prototypes are tested together with experienced manufacturing partners. Nevertheless, some technological adjustments are still in progress which might cause delays in delivery terms. Our prime goal is to produce a final product of excellent quality that entirely fulfils customers’ expectations. We have learned a lot from our previous project development experiences, forecasts don’t always hit the mark. Should we miss projections, we will let you know why and correct it as quickly as possible.

Supply Chain Risk:

We have built a capable team who work hard to ensure smooth delivery of all products and services. However, unexpected shortages may occur. If this happens, we will be sure to keep you informed and work to quickly resolve the problem.

Terms and Conditions:

Backers will be responsible for paying duties and taxes at the time of shipping.

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