Infant reminder
Infant reminder

This project has already launched.

Infant Reminder -- No more forgotten children in vehicles!

Perhaps the haste, perhaps the thoughts that afflict every adult, have distracted thousands of parents around the world causing terrible tragedies and the death of the children forgotten in vehicles. Made in Messina (Italy), Infant Reminder is the first app in the world, for smartphones and tablets, able to ward off the danger of forgetting the children in vehicles.

How does Infant Reminder work?

Before starting the route, the user launches the application and enter a destination address, either manually or withdrawing it from the favorite destinations, previously saved.


As soon as you start the route with vehicle, the user will be alerted automatically and periodically with audible (voice or ringtone) and visual alarms (pop up windows and camera led flashing) during the route and in proximity to arrival.


But not only this! Ten minutes after arriving at destination, when dad, mom or schoolbus driver are engaged in their work, an "anti addictive" alarm starts, a sign of probable forgetfulness and deconcentration.


 The application allows, also, to send SMS or email messages, respectively, to a phone number or an email address, previously stored. To do this, just reached the percentage of planned route, the windows will automatically appear, accompanied by audible and visual alarms. The messages will offer the user the choice of:

1. postpone the reminder after 5 minutes
2. send a text message or an email
3. close the windows.
An additional alarm, not configurable, will popup when the vehicle is arrived at destination.


The configuration settings, activable only after stopping navigation, optionally allow of:

1. Enable or disable the initial warning
2. Enable or disable the audible and / or visual alarm
3. Set up to three percent of the route to the attainment of which the driver receives the alarms
4. Store a phone number to which send an SMS
5. Save an email address that will receive an e-mail message
6. Select the ringtone for the alarm sound.

New features that crowdfunding goal will allow to develop are follows:

1) The app will detect the temperature of the target address and it will alert the user about the risk of children hyperthermia due to hot car inside.

2) The app will start automatically and it will control the path according to the daily destinations and daily driver habits.

3) The app will share and transfer favorite destinations list among multiple devices by wifi or bluetooth connections.

4) The app will detect the bluetooth hands-free device of the vehicle and warn the driver about disconnection when driver leaves the vehicle.

5) The app will use custom ringtones and voice alerts.

 6) The app will be localized in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Indian, Scandinavian languages.

7) The app is at present available for Apple IOS and Google Android. It will be developed for mobile devices with Windows Phone OS.

8) The app will be integrated in dedicated appliances installable in the car.

9) The app will ward off the danger of forgetting in vehicles also pets.

Details of the innovative elements that distinguish this product or service from other child reminders already on the market

1 ) Universal. Not physically linked to the car seat. Can also be used by schoolbus drivers regardless of the number of seats and occupants
2 ) Totally free for users because it does not derive from lines of industrial physical production.
3 ) Multilingual. At the moment in italian and in english languages
4) No cables, batteries, wireless or electromagnetic sensors or external accessories that are potentially dangerous because in very close contact with the child or that may affect the conformity of the car seat or restraint systems.
5 ) No restriction of production, no need safety stocks or period of fulfillment. The app is always unlimited downloadable from the app markets and stores.
6) Simple and fast Internet updating
7) It does not require calibration, periodic review or wiring of the vehicles.
8) No risk of recalls for manufacturing defects.

Description of the environmental benefits of the product/service, compared to alternative products, with particular reference to energy and raw materials, waste generation, emissions in air, water and earth.

1) Absence of any material potentially subject to wear, atrophy, overheat, damages, disposal, toxic emissions, noise.
2) No restriction about production, stocks of safety, waiting times for fulfillment. The app is always unlimited downloadable from the app stores or markets.
3) Sustainable because it aimed at achieving the objectives of environmental improvement, economic, social and institutional, both locally and globally.
4) No generation of waste, emissions to air, water and soil
5) Lack of physical supply chain of industrial or handicraft production since this is an immaterial software.
6) It does not require any disposal or license.
7) It does not require any additional power source but the mobile device one.
8) It does not require any physical maintenance 

Why Infant Reminder?


 My interview at an italian tv show "I fatti vostri" at Raidue


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