Indy and the Farm
Indy and the Farm





We believe toys should promote guided play between parents and kids because that is how kids learn!


The latest expert opinion and research has shown that young children learn more and develop stronger bonds when they are playing with their parents. This is why we designed the Playbox, a new toy concept based off play-based research that guides the type of educational interaction needed between parents and their children.



"Preschool children simply learn better when an adult is involved."

- Jennifer Radesky, M.D., American Academy of Pediatrics 


Parents love to read to their children and children love to play, so we have written an original children's book that accompanies a classic farm animal puzzle set. Both have been beautifully designed to complement one other as tools for learning and having fun together.



"Indy and the Farm" original story and matching puzzle


The Indy and the Farm Playbox is a shared reading-while-playing experience that allows you to teach your child new vocabulary words, speech sounds and problem-solving skills in a fun and easy-to-do playtime activity.




"When parents keep the conversation going, rather than simply trying to get their children to hear as many words as possible, they are preparing their children for later language and school success."

-Hirsh-Pasek & Michnick-Golinkoff 




“Guided play combines the best elements of free play and direct instruction: child autonomy and adult expertise.”

-Weinberg, Hirsh-Pasek, Michnick Golinkoff, Kittredge and Klahr, 2015




"Research on early childhood development shows that the most important factor in stimulating healthy brain development is the quality of interactions between young children and the people around them."

-Jackie Bezos, President of the Bezos Family Foundation 




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