Indie is the most reliable and affordable desktop 3d printer offering a resolution of up to 100 micron and a huge 480 cubic inch build volume. Indie features a heated bed, an enclosed heated chamber with a thermoformed ABS chassis to avoid warping and cracking, injection moulded components,and an active filament monitoring system. We have designed and manufactured our own PCB to increase reliability using open source platform. It's easy to use, ergonomically and aesthetically designed that fits right on your desktop to make professional quality prototypes at an affordable price. Indie is build for everyone, From Makers, students, DIY enthusiasts to engineering companies, industrial equipment manufacturer's and product design studio; Indie is here to bring your ideas to life at an extremely affordable cost. Indie can print beautiful prototypes for various applications like architectural models, new product development, automobile components, sand casting patterns, props, pre-mould making validation etc. Our team is excited about the limitless possibilities you can create with Indie.

Product Feature Details

  1. Enclosed heated chamber works well for thermoplastics like ABS and Nylon.

  2. Indie has a large bed size 8” x 8” x 8”.

  3. Built on open source software

  4. The PCBs that run open source firmware: Marlin have been redesigned to build in reliability

  5. Filament monitor on the extruder checks whether the filament is flowing at its optimum flow rate and alerts the user if there are any nozzle jams

  6. Open source optional wifi.

  7. Injection moulded parts help to deliver higher precision.



What Problem Does Indie Solve

1.Problem: Some thermoplastics like ABS crack on their surface if they are not provided constant heat

Solution: An enclosed heated chamber with proper heat circulation is provided in Indie

2.Problem: Some thermoplastics warp (or curl) when printing

Solution: A heated bed reduces this warping. Indie provides a heated glass bed that can go upto 120C and gives the ideal heating to reduce warping and maintain 3D Print part dimensions

3.Problem: Failed prints due to Jammed nozzles

Solution: Indie provides a filament monitoring system, if there is a filament jam or if the feed rate of the filament becomes lower than the rating, it will go into pause and alert the user. Once the user fixes the problem, he/she can continue the print.

4.Problem: Failed prints due to poor PCB material

Solution: We have redesigned our PCBs to use industrial grade parts. Since the PCB contains heating components, we take proper care in isolating them.

5.Problem: Cost of ownership of proprietary software

Solution: Indie uses open source software. So users can get the latest updates and have free access to documentation without adding any financial cost during the life cycle of Indie. Indie uses Marlin as its firmware and supports Cura and Simplify3D as its slicing engine

6.Problem: Access to the 3D Printer

Solution: Indie provides wifi access to the 3D Printer via open source Octoprint which runs on Raspberry Pi.

Indie will be available for pre order soon on Indiegogo at $549 for our early backers. We will release more video, photos and latest update about our campaign on our facebook page You can sign up for updates on our website here or on our Indiegogo pre launch page here.

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