Indestructible Visor Sunglasses Holder
Indestructible Visor Sunglasses Holder

This project has already launched.

I am an artist at heart. A creator, Adventurer and Designer wanna be. I have decided it is time for me to bring more to the world. To do what I love to do and that is create. I want to offer valuable products to the world for all to enjoy. This is one such product.

It was discovered by chance through my previous product association with a mold maker. I have put it through rigorous testing (including running over it) and I've found it to be an amazing design.

The Short Story

The mold is ready, and waiting to be used. This is a brilliant idea left behind by it's inventor many years ago. I have spoken to the mold maker and he is anxious for me pick it up and market it. The product will be ready to be shipped to you as soon as funding for running the process can be processed from Kickstarter. 

All we need now is the interest. That's where you come in

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