Incurator Zipper Bag Hanger
Incurator Zipper Bag Hanger

Incurator Zipper Bag Hanger

Zipper Bag Hanger is the kitchen storage solution. It has 6 slots that makes it simple and easy to help store the food in your house.

With Zipper Bag Hanger, we believe it will help take away your stresses from the kitchen, and your kitchen will be a clean, organized space.

What is Zipper Bag Hanger?

Zipper Bag Hanger is the kitchen storage solution that utilizes the hidden space in the kitchen to store food. Zipper Bag Hanger can help save food and storage in the refrigerator, in a shelf closet, or any other space.

Zipper Bag Hanger brings convenience to daily life. It will solve the hidden space issue of having too many containers. Also, the upright design helps keep food fresh in the refrigerator.  

Each Zipper Bag Hanger has 6 slots to store medium or large size zip bags in the fridge, it will help keep your fridge more organized and clean.

Design and prototype

How to use Zipper Bag Hanger?

So far, we have designed the first Zipper Bag Hanger, it works for most medium and large size storage bags. And it can store liquids, fruits, meats, snacks, or many others. Simply by sliding the storage bag through the organizer!

This makes your food easy and accessible, all of your food options are right in front of you. You can always find your food instantly.

Later, we may come out more designs on sizes and styles to hold different quart and gallon zipper bags.

Why choose us?

Zipper Bag Hanger is a storage revolution that makes kitchen space more simple and clean.

  • Keep your kitchen space simple and organized
  • Keep your food fresh in the fridge.
  • You will find more storage space in your refrigerator now with Zipper Bag Hanger.




Why we need your help?

We want to bring this product to you with the help of the community. With your support, we can realize the production of the Zipper Bag Hanger. Our project only can be optimized and perfected with your help. Your pledges will enables us to move forward and to continue building the production lines of this Zipper Bag Hanger smart storage. Please support us so we can bring this product to your home.

Risks and challenges

While we're doing a lot of the work ourselves, obviously we have to rely on others (manufacture, shipping) to provide their end. We're confident that these parts will be no problem, as we're talking to established companies here.

In some very rare cases Zipper Bag Hanger may not fit your refrigerator unit. There are always challenges and unforeseen obstacles that arise when trying to bring a product to life. We will do our best, and hope to deliver on time, and whatever happens we will keep you updated every step along the way.

We will definitely deliver a great product, and hope to do so on time!

Thanks from the whole team :)

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